113. The Holy Wow Poets Celebrate © Hélène Levasseur

Image 31

The Holy Wow Poets like and seldom hate
Their poetry coming from a poetic estate
Masterpieces eloquently seem to vibrate
Magical resonance soon to demonstrate
Verses and lyrics never being stalemate
Everyone has entered a heavenly gate
Here on earth to enjoy and participate
On stage or in the audience’s mandate
Visitors’ egos never become ingrate
We have too much fun to incarnate
A poem can be like a sweet playmate
Welcoming romantic people who elevate
So many into a mystical realm first rate
Leaving the show saying “Hey it’s up to date!”
Twinkling eyes now brilliantly scintillate
The invited guests begin to contemplate
With a few words as they joyfully vacate
The Act Theatre knowing we can orchestrate
Hearts, souls and minds into a true state
Of Worldly intercessions as this is our fate.