192. Boxing Day Pondering © Hélène Levasseur

Thank God here was not the existence of Christmas Blues
Too much fun acquiring this nice Blue Blingy Blouson
A Birthday gift from my lovely Hubby Robert Charron
To celebrate by sipping on some Bailey’s Irish Cream Booze

How exciting it has been to spend this Boxing Day
Imagine shopping with your hubby Bobbykins
This time not having to parade some fashionable wins
Whilst selecting my birthday gift for New Year’s Day

Robert will celebrate me Hélène’s 65th birthday forthcoming
At beautiful Saint St. Grill Restaurant in Port Moody
I’ll order my favourite Glazed Beef Tenderloin so fancy
As I festively thank God for his lovable Son’s new coming

2017 is where we are keen to be seen and all that a plenty
Enjoying the small things and all of God’s graces that submerge
Undersanding we are in God’s School of Learning to merge
Into the wonders of His teachings and learn to become happy

Don’t mind me folks I’m just spending some free time
On my computer trying to write a prose poem for fun
But rest assured I’m praying too feeling like we’re spun
Into changing our ways and therefore becoming prime

Perhaps it is God’s will that we change in numerous ways
Actually walking away from our me/myself and I persona
Into entering simplicity/humility and Integrity phenomena
This forthcoming year will encompass the latter in a haze

Well… It appears we’re entering the New Year 2017 with glee
My New Year Resolution is diligently to “Honour Others”
Imagine treating everyone as if they were our Brothers and Sisters
What a beautiful family the world would become with dignity

Prayers galore will be necessary in our quest of betterment
As we move forth gracefully and perhaps become soulfully holy
Why not! Jesus did say “I am Holy and therefore become Holy!”
I believe that our world would change with his archaic Statement

Voila mes amis.  We are seen to be keen and yes Holy!
So on your mark. Get set, go and move forth and be Saintly!