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192. Boxing Day Pondering © Hélène Levasseur

Thank God here was not the existence of Christmas Blues
Too much fun acquiring this nice Blue Blingy Blouson
A Birthday gift from my lovely Hubby Robert Charron
To celebrate by sipping on some Bailey’s Irish Cream Booze

How exciting it has been to spend this Boxing Day
Imagine shopping with your hubby Bobbykins
This time not having to parade some fashionable wins
Whilst selecting my birthday gift for New Year’s Day

Robert will celebrate me Hélène’s 65th birthday forthcoming
At beautiful Saint St. Grill Restaurant in Port Moody
I’ll order my favourite Glazed Beef Tenderloin so fancy
As I festively thank God for his lovable Son’s new coming

2017 is where we are keen to be seen and all that a plenty
Enjoying the small things and all of God’s graces that submerge
Undersanding we are in God’s School of Learning to merge
Into the wonders of His teachings and learn to become happy

Don’t mind me folks I’m just spending some free time
On my computer trying to write a prose poem for fun
But rest assured I’m praying too feeling like we’re spun
Into changing our ways and therefore becoming prime

Perhaps it is God’s will that we change in numerous ways
Actually walking away from our me/myself and I persona
Into entering simplicity/humility and Integrity phenomena
This forthcoming year will encompass the latter in a haze

Well… It appears we’re entering the New Year 2017 with glee
My New Year Resolution is diligently to “Honour Others”
Imagine treating everyone as if they were our Brothers and Sisters
What a beautiful family the world would become with dignity

Prayers galore will be necessary in our quest of betterment
As we move forth gracefully and perhaps become soulfully holy
Why not! Jesus did say “I am Holy and therefore become Holy!”
I believe that our world would change with his archaic Statement

Voila mes amis.  We are seen to be keen and yes Holy!
So on your mark. Get set, go and move forth and be Saintly!

191. From my Celestial Enlightened Friend Claudette © Hélène Levasseur

Tonight in my prayerful resting place my departed friend Claudette has come to me in locutions confirming my beliefs. Believe this or not. She was my best friend on earth. She passed away in late 2008 after I had acquired my second cancer which was Ovarian Cancer like hers. Tonight Claudette was doing her lovely coaching and it went something like this:

Claudette Coleman is cheering, praying and praising God for all Cancer Survivors!

Hélène! What’s happening to you?
Don’t give up! Get up and move on!
We in the heavenly realms up above
Are chanting & praying wonders for you

In our Hourly Festive Moments with the Lord
We are making a special toast for you
Hip! Hip! Hooray! Today is your great day!
A Boost of Balanced Energy is coming your way!

Your prayerful wishes for family and friends
For those who you know and know not
Are cherished and manifestations of love
Are immersed in what you think, say and do

So continue to bring us your cheers & chuckles
God Hélène immerses prayer warriors like you
With an abundance of Peace and Hope
Always embellishing them with Love

I come to you today to thank you generously
For your Christmas and New Year resolutions
Where we believe that you will indeed bring forth
And that is your “Honouring Others” Promise

Way to go my old chum! Cheerio Pip Pip to you!
Our Lord Jesus Christ is Emmanuelizing you!
His Holy Spirit as you know is guiding your steps
Let go and let God give you His guidance always

Let us celebrate Merry Christmas like never before
Ascertaining that we put Jesus Christ always first
Expect miracles in your midst and entourage
Never lose Faith regardless of what is forthcoming

Remember not to think that you’re not following my foosteps
Your Metastatic Cancers are moving differently than mine
Remember in your prayer that you are a Link in a Bond
Between God’s People on Earth and you my friend

End this Year with Peace and Prosperity and Fun
Promise Our Lord Jesus that you will become active
In the Community and in your personal Hygienic Health
We like your resolution to be more fruitarian & vegetarian

Hélène God’s Celestial Hosts are cheering you all the way
Our Lord Jesus Christ has a Plan for you to manifest
Wait in anticipation for this invitation to come to you
That will bring you into a World of true Heroism

You know that it has nothing to do with Ego/Pride & Vanity
As you believe wholeheartedly in Humility/Simplicity & Integrity
Now the time has come to let things happen as they will
Not requiring any hindrances from anyone nor you my dear

Your Joie de Vivre soon will be restored old friend and buddy
Your beliefs also will submerge and bring you into new heights
Trudy yes Beamish sends you her love and encouragement
Believing in your innocence and tolerance of ill wills of others

In Heaven Hélène we’re all there family and friends galore
Observing and praying profusely for the world’s state of affairs
Continue to read the bible saying your daily prayers soulfully
Never lose Faith and believe that God is always there for you

A Portfolio is being prepared for you where your voice enlivens
God’s population on Earth from a distance for nearly 30 years to date
Yes you’re reviewed under a Satellite mindfully and that is good
Do not lose hope for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all man

I bid you fairwell for now dear friend and remember forever
That Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour is forthcoming
His promises are recorded and must be read diligently
Though you no longer have memories of your readings

His Holy Spirit will give you the words when it becomes necessary
Fear not Hélène! Be obedient without complaining or arguing
Time is short on earth and you know that we are Everlasting
And so continue to go into your Prayerful Resting Place

Goodnight Hélène. Be vigilant. Take courage. Be brave.
You have not been forgotten and as a matter of fact
As you know you rest in the palm of our Lord’s hands
Be diligent. Rest and Forgive and Forget injustices

With God entering Heaven Hélène you will say:
“I too am Enlightened! Hallelujah and Amen!”

190. A Week Before Christmas © Hélène Levasseur

Hey it’s already a Week before Christmas
And all through the quickly moving hours
Our thinking starts being of us all and our joy
Preparing our beautiful and glorious Festivities
Beginning by planning to go to Midnight Mass
Orchestrating a “Réveillons” chez nous or vous
Gifts will be certainly exchanged and endeared
And good old Christmas songs and jigs galore
Definitely will be sung through the day and night
Family and friends thus will be uniting gleefully
Sharing our love with gentle hugs and kisses
Even traditional pecks on both of our cheeks
Giggling and laughing hysterically as always
Creating jokes about our time past and even before
Then making genuine resolutions for the New Year
Ascertaining a Joyful and Merry Christmas
As we review yesterdays in all of our sincerity
We will make changes for what is forthcoming
This is not the end of our time as we are eager
To experience the beginning of a delightful
Series of quests of dreams and aspirations
And manifestations showing our true love
For our Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent
God Almighty Father who undoubtedly did send us
His Son Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and Saviour
Who we are celebrating honourably praising his birth
His Emmanuel also the Holy Spirit He indeed promised
Who dwells in our Hearts and entourages delightfully
Proclaiming to the world that we will consciously
Start immediately serving instead of selfing
A coup like no other in the 3rd Millennium
What a beautiful Christmas Gift of Hope
To God’s Creation sharing this to one another.
As it is really beginning in our Christmas week
And imagine it being manifested in this Era
“Holy Wow We praise Him proclaiming it – Amen!

189. Poetry is Illuminating © Hélène Levasseur


Poetry makes me want to believe that its easy to live
Surviving a Brain Injury and Two Cancers so progressive
I, Marie Noëlle Hélène Levasseur Charron is no captive
In remission I am forgiving as I remain somewhat active

The Hoy Wow Poets in Maple Ridge of which I am the Founder
Orchestrating it for several years has been quite an adventure
Poets some self published some not paint a fine delightful picture
Of neatly performing recital at Poetry Clubs with lots of vigour

A visit to Poetry Bashes at Performance Works on Granville Market
Gave me a will to free poets bringing forth their ingenious wit
Whether in outstanding prose & rhyme poetry so devoutly fit
For odd audiences showing the Lower Mainland’s Grand Spirit

Once a Teacher, Secretary and Trade and Consumer Show Manager
Enabled me to go through what was destroyed only to encounter
New skills, talents and treasures encompassing that of a “Rhymester”
Seeing and saying the sky’s never the limit for one who is a “Star Gazer”

Things will surely pass as a Tragedy is proven to be only momentary
In a coma for three weeks one becomes they say quite contrary
Out of balance our equilibrium remains deranged or fragmentary
It’s not our fault as everything we say is purposely involuntary

2017 is forthcoming and it is my time to have a Benevolent Career
Doing Poetry shows at the Act Theatre with hoopla and cheer
Inviting the Fraser Valley Folks to embark on as a Volunteer
Published or not poets joining to simply becoming a Pioneer

Holy wow Poets invite you! So on your mark. Get set and Go!
Read “Poetry for Dummies” and compose a poem so profoundo
Show us that there is nothing that you cannot undergo
Become a renown poet in our midst producing el manifesto

I, Hélène Levasseur, think that I’m onto something of glory
A miracle from a production re. “An International Documentary”
From “Mental Damage to Homage” so we can make this honorary
Realizing that we were all mean for quite a “Coup of Publicity!”

188. Enlightened after Decades © Hélène Levasseur

Almost three decades have gone like bye byes
Leaving me with years  following my demise
But without many disheartening wailing cries
I venture out with vim that thus fortifies

Was labelled severely brain injured
My intelligence somewhat hampered
Focus and concentration was tampered
Leaving traces of being brain severed

Many semesters were in my recovery
The first one was labelled “A Tragedy”
“Trauma” was the second and very weary
Lo and behold “Triumph” has come finally

Nearing this third decade I feel forbidden
The doctors said I would remain hidden
Everything I learned was ver heavy laden
What can I say when I was so crestfallen

After many years I’m only now reintegrating
Time is here to come out of any rehabilitating
And slowly enter the World when dismantling
Engrained fears obtained by simply doing nothing

At the Act Theatre I get rid of any kind of ill will
Delving into becoming public moving forth uphill
I could leave a message that shrills people’s thrill
The audience watches one with this outstanding pill

Well her Pill is “Poetry!” Her Therapy! Her Triumph!

187. Holy Wow Poets’ Honour © Hélène Levasseur

I’ve been waiting for “God’s pious Hooting and Cheering!”
For those who are experiencing “Suffering and Lamenting”
Time has come to embark a few of us who are still self-denying
But deeply yearning “Poetic Potential” still found hibernating

Why not embark on the greatest “Prolific Adventure”
Where a documentary endears a quest of any “Survivor”
Taking people out of their “Shell and Burrowing Shelter”
And immersing them into a “Poetry World of Wonder”

What shall we name those survivors so magnified
The new chapters in their lives are certainly gratified
Performing we all become “Seasoned and Quite Dignified”
It appears that we’re onto something “Grandly Sanctified”

We’re Holy Wow Poets as we say with quite a wide smile
Discussing matters over a cup of tea of tasty Chamomile
Finally we’re coming out of having been in a “Long Exile”
My goodness we’re here taking “A Quantum Leap Mile”

Folks do you think we have found in our midst a “Goldmine”
The “Documented Holy Route” will seem like “A Serpentine
Not to worry let’s just ponder drinking some “Port Wine”
No Monkeyshine!” Let’s all stand tall like “Lordly Pine!”

Making a recital at the Act Theatre is always a pleasure
What an honour being a “Special Holy Wow Poetry Feature”
Invited by the Holy Wow Poets who bring me as a new figure
For the enjoyment of unknowns without pressure

Perhaps I Marie Noelle Hélène will leave a “Fragrance”
Choosing an “Auto-Biographic Nature” with “Poetic Elegance”
Beginning a “Friendship Club” bringing some “Reconnaissance”
To souls for their “Sweetheart Stage Personal Performance”

I’ve reached this “Shining Moment” in my poetry composing
But am somewhat left with a yearning for more exposing
Did you know that I believe that I was meant for “Entertaining”
It’s been a part of me since I was just “A Teen simply Flirting”

Oh Dear I must realize that the time has not come for “Fruition”
In “Baby Stages” of “Studying Poetry” we need much “Affection”
When “A Rhymester” shows up the audience  “Falls into Oblivion”
Must be careful of not scaring them through my “Poetic Passion”

Whilst reciting a number came to my mind and I was “Smitten”
Ten minutes has gone by and I certainly don’t want to be a Burden
Remember what the doctors had said I now prove them “Ill-Gotten”
Alive and Well Full of Fun and Laughter” I’m out of “Kinder-garden”

So on that note let me inform you that I am full of “Excitement”
Every day that goes by I will remember this grateful “Achievement”
The Holy Wow Poets helps people reach an “Era of Encouragement”
So I leave you today with some poetry that is “Not of Bereavement”

I promise that I will study poetry and teach all of it “Godspeed!”
One of my favorite poems is our lovely “Apostle’s Creed”
I promise to write wholeheartedly without any doubt or greed
Never forgetting the listeners while I wear some “Fancy Tweed”

I’m not into pleasing “Affluent People” but all who have an ear
It certainly appears that the time has come for me to disappear
Thank you for being “My Applauders” like I was “Shakespeare”
I leave you now and embark on my “Study of  Edward Lear!”

186. Believe © Hélène Levasseur

Believe in Jesus’ Birth!

Believe in Christ Jesus
Who came to deliver us
And showing us the way
Knowing this makes our day
Let’s show our appreciation
Offering our earnest devotion
Praying daily for who is our Deliverer
Being born on the 25th of December
Our decorations are galore and pretty
Everywhere we look we see Divinity
His creation is so majestic and glorified
We know we are meant to be sanctified
Happy Birthday Lord Jesus
Thank you for saving us
Let’s celebrate your birthday
Like never before in every way

185. Ten Days Before Christmas © Hélène Levasseur

Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s story
Is told with house now decorated,
Radio Station 103.5 is on all day
With Christmas Carols and hymns

Need to get ready for baking
Preparing a Gourmet Feast for hubby
Just trying to get into a Festive mood
To rekindle our Christmas Joy

With Cheers and Chuckles galore
Soon we’ll say Happy Birthday Jesus
And Merry Christmas to family and friends
Merriment will be heard everywhere

The Lord Jesus Christ lives!

184. My Teddy Bear Family © Hélène Levasseur

My big Teddy is a gift from my sister Marcelle
Look Mars he’s now got a family so swell
Touched, moved and inspired was I
When I  received it at the Hospital in 1995

Every Christmas His Family embellishes my home
The Family Room becomes with them so wholesome
You see your kindness of heart, soul and mind Mars
Lives with me at Jesus’ Birth and makes me feel ?

Oh dear what rhymes with Mars?
Working on this poem still.
Love you Marcelle ma belle!

183. Faith vs. Fear © Hélène Levasseur

So far – Twice this year
Has come emergency tests
To foresee cancer
Or put it off for now
As it could still be benign
A Metastatic Cancer
Can be quite alarming
As it is foreign
Being a traveller where
Unknown is its site
Twice it has struck
Colon in 2005 and
Ovarian in 2008
So far so good
I’m still in remission
Let’s pray that tomorrow
My Doctor has good news
That it was just a false alarm
And I can rest again for a while
As usual tests are quarterly now
Thanks for your prayers
And well wishes folks
They mean the world to me!


181. On the Moment Thoughts © Hélène Levasseur

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Uplifting well wishes have come
We no longer feel so worrisome
Prayers galore folks we always adore
As we feel them and want more
Let’s promise to respond likewise
When we have no tears found in our eyes
Sensing joy, peace and harmony
Brings us into a state of Christmas glee
So on our mark, get set and let go
And let God take over our sorrow
It’s as simple as One – Two – Three
Immediately and carefully we’re set free
Of any silly willy burdens and fears
Knowing that we are His beloved dears
Love and Joy is in the Christmas Air
Perhaps nippy and freezy but it is fair
God works in mysterious ways
We then see clearly as there is no haze
When our plans are all of a sudden changed
It’s obvious God’s got a better One arranged
It is believed that our life is grandly theatrical
And perhaps mystical and somewhat musical
Preparing our souls, mind and spirit is a pre-requisite
To reach heaven’s higher heights and folks that is it!

180. Skiing at Christmas © Hélène Levasseur


Every skier is full of tremendous glee
The mountains are snow covered
The aid sportsmen are exhilarated
Preparing for their shopping spree

It’s Christmas and they have a list
New skiing equipment is mandatory
Must keep up with the Jones’ Theory
Thanks mom for being such a loyalist

Whistler and Blackcomb are perfect
What a wonderful season for an episode
Of endearing friends scheduled for a social setup
Amongst devoted skiers on sites made for the elect

It’s good to know this sport is not just for the rich
Thank God that cross country skiing exists for us
People sharing their snowy land for realists
Great health and wealth to us does enrich

179. Tis Mid December Weather © Hélène Levasseur


Is it nippy?
Is it rainy?
Is it snowy?
Is it frosty?
Is it icy?
Is it slippery?

Well if you’ve answered yes
Put on a bit of everything
Dress up cozy and warmly
Slip into your winter boots
Your tuque and winter coat
Don’t forget your umbrella folks!

Oh dear remember your scarf
Bring for sure winter gloves
Wear your favourite leggings
Warm up the car before you go
Buy some halls just in case

Tis’ mid December weather
Winters just around the corner!


178. Christmas © Hélène Levasseur


Christmas brings out Royal Nobility
As God immerses in us such gentility
Making us unafraid of entering visibility
As we are brought forth with capability
As Jesus Christ bestows in us Divinity

We are all invited at Christmas to become
A Congregation devout and more to some
Celebrating its festivities’ fruitful outcome
Welcoming us into new quests so venturesome
As we worship God for His Son so Winsome

We do almsgiving as God’s son and daughter
Treating us all with love the lesser or greater
In Jesus’ way being our Saviour and Redeemer
Reigning in  our hearts, minds and souls together
Christmas thus becoming more heavenly forever