7. Do You Hear What I Hear? © Hélène Levasseur

Oh dear I hear Yummy Foods Calling!

Oh dear I hear Yummy Foods Calling!

All my life I have known that God has been calling

Unfortunately I feared too that food was calling

It seems that my stomach was always craving

Sadly I realized one day I had to do something

My doctor referred me to C.W.M.C. for my new beginning

A Nutritional Program located nearby with medical folks leading

Lo and behold lovely acquaintances are now weekly assembling

There I am discovering that people are  becoming so charming


We perceive the staff to coach us to do everything

Following their regimented guidance and teachings

Thus we find ourselves mesmerized and yearning

To follow Step by step a dietary program reading


Accountability partners meet weekly assembling

Asked to do this without imposing or grumbling

We become liaisons always there and ever so soothing

Getting to know each other inside out without judging


So the moral of this short story telling

Is for us to be Honest, Open-minded and Willing

 To make  a difference in our lifestyle  as we are representing

The C.W.M.C. as our Body/Mind and Spirit are glowing


Long lives this program for us doing good breeding

We are a people who find that receiving cleansing

Is greater than ourselves and are easily welcoming

This weight loss delivering us all from any long-suffering


So on our mark. Get set. Everyone! Now let’s go assembling

Folks who are like us on the right path of metamorphosing

                By being brave wholeheartedly handing over everything

To God’s People who are certainly Heavenly dwelling