63. Happy Birthday Dawna © Hélène Levasseur


It’s Dawna James Birthday and she is a Virgo
Always right about things – that’s de facto
She is reknown for her spunk and dynamo
Moving forth like a Maestro with charming ego
There’s nothing she can not do el manifesto.

Dawna James can always easily metamorphose
She is like a beautiful Virgo style growing wild rose
Always knowing herself completely as she does expose
Herself in every way as no struggles makes her decompose
As she handles life’s challenges sipping on her tea-rose

Dawna James amongst her friends is a Gypsy Queen
Her sales and marketing expertise is rich as velveteen
A great mediator for people who are caught in-between
She will never live with thoughts of might-have-been
Living life to the fullest like her dear friend Maureen

Dawna James you see lives without harm or apology
Her friends and kingdom comes with a guarantee
That her love and appreciation is like a honey bee
Nurturing us all being always there like a referee
We are thankful to celebrate her Whoopee!

Happy Birthday Dawna!