132. In God’s ScreenPlay I am a Cameo. What about You? © Hélène Levasseur


Here's a ScreenPlay of Hélène and her Willy Wizard Buddy!

Here’s a ScreenPlay of Hélène and her Willy Wizard Buddy sharing Revelation 10 with the World!

God’s Marie Noelle Hélène creates a Screen-Play
Where we host and exhibit all believers on display
Discovering our beautiful inner works right away
Lo and behold we become sought after – Hooray!

Personally as we observe the existence of Resurrection
We submerge from being labelled dead or of old fashion
And gently embark on a journey of true blue Redemption
Musically, theatrically and artistically like a champion!

We simply invite the world into God’s planned Screen-Play
Which we will be parlayed as representing Revelation 10
Labeled as the Small Scroll being meek and mild and Amen
We’ll represent a manifestation of  long hidden scriptures!

God gives the heart talents to perform its joy
As well as Harmony and calls it Music, Theatre and Art
Through His School we enter the World of Resurrection
And in His image we perform on a scale of Godly Perfection!

Long lives God’s School of Sweethearts!