115. Just Thinking on a Prophecy © Hélène Levasseur

The Act Theatre

What’s a resolution. One resolution. Any individual’s resolution?
What can a poet do when found in the Valley of Humiliation
Haivng been filled with illusions somewhat of past inspection
We found ourselves immersed in fearful frightful oblivion

Time however came within me on a New Year intention
To sense a new fashion in the field of goals and aspiration
Aged and matured I could preview our lives with reflection
Suddenly out came one specific idea within introspection

I believe that we found an invigorating new prescription
Of joy, peace and harmony in the real of emancipation
Bringing forth an abundance of love with redemption
It is a great deliverance to immerse ourselves into resurrection

We’re  babes so bright and now dressed in white worth a million
With unending resilience we are moving forth with great affection
Without fear and fret labelled as poets somewhat out of proportion
We submerge from our mirror image of God like a reknown champion

Holy Wow Poets are certainly Joy, Wisdom and Inspiration
This fanfare brings an a strength of idealistic poetic orchestration
Producing a forthcoming Play Theatric and dramatic in Motion
Performing at the Act Theatre’s Stage prophesied in this generation

If you’re a Poet and you know it – Come and show it!