57. Maple Ridge the Light of the Lower Mainland © Hélène Levasseur


Notoriously  we never find inhabitants without an ego
You see local Maple Ridge singers, writers and actors grow
Into British Columbian Celebrities having their own persona
Choosing to be living in a world of so much wonder and awe

Obviously valuable riches are displayed for everyone
Demographic audiences come to visit our city for fun
All is welcome play-acting as companions to one another
Like in an immersion from their nurturing loving nature

It is never difficult to live here as there is never competition
The mountains and numerous lands become our ammunition
An advantage over any other location in the Lower Mainland
Like catering to many tourists towards the Promised Land

Maple Ridge is a good place for beginner hosts for any show
Come and hang out here and you’ll stop being a drifter so low
You see people are enlightened by the Spirit of lovely  B.C.
Without a charge entitled guests receive our high Energy.

Mountains, Lands, Rivers and Lakes caressed by a soft wind
Touch, Move and Inspire everyone’s heart like a whirwind
Everyone who resides here relishes its majestic locomotion
So valuable is our folk as it is a one to one person operation

Maple Ridge residents have The Act Theatre and a lot of things to promote…