54. Marie Noelle Hélène’s Introspection © Hélène Levasseur

Pondering inwardly one discovers wonders!

Pondering inwardly one discovers wonders!


Pondering inwardly one discovers wonders!

Entering Revelation # 10  from an introspection
I find Mankind after my 20 years’ seclusion
Amazing especially discovering my reaction
Regarding anyone can find some resurrection


You see I have not worked for 2 decades
But noticed that some sort of hidden inner talents
Via emancipating treasures in Music and Art
Do represent this mysterious biblical prophecy


Now perhaps rehabilitating from a tragedy

I found myself producing a personal CD long ago
Began writing poems and many lyrical songs
And entering the world of doing portraits
I began to yearn for a bibliomantic portfolio


Gatherings at The Holy Wow Poetry Club
Give opportunities with  tons of possibilities
In creating grand as well as surreal masterpieces
Thus resurrecting those long lost ancient skills  

Well folks I’ve decided to create a Screen-Play
Where we host and exhibit ourselves as a display
People discover their beautiful inner works today
And lo and behold we become sought after Hooray!


Personally observing the existence of resurrection
Let’s submerge these talents labelled dead or old fashion
And embark on a journey of a true blue redemption
Musically, theatrically and artistically as a champion

Together let us invite many into God’s Screen Play!
Where we will be parlayed as representing Revelation 10
And will be Labeled as the small scroll miraculously
Representing a manifestation of long hidden mysteries


God gives the heart talents to perform an abundance of joy
As well as Harmony and calls it Music, Theatre and Art