128. My Lovie Dovie Hubby © Hélène Levasseur

Robert Charron

Well I must say that my Lovie Dovie Hubby is a Keeper
We named our new Abode “Silver Sage” because
We have silver hair and are very very sage
My husband is our House Engineer Wonder

He is known as Robert but I call him Bob
A true Jack of all Trades being a Master of such
There is nothing that he can not do  if he wishes
I think he’s quite an Expert in almost everything

Over the last twenty three years in my recovery
He became Silver Sage’s BobbyMaid
Ruling the Household like a Champion
In our abode he shines like a Scholar

My Bob’s a Mechanic and a Carpenter
Not only that but he’s a Landscaper
And also an experienced Plumber
A meticulous Financial Advistor too

Lo and behold he’s quite a good Speaker
With much confidence and “savoir faire”
A Connaisseur in Automotive Management
His 1968 Camaro keeps him busy in his retirement

I think that my Hubby though sometimes grumpy
Is a keeper and pray that our life together
Will flourish with an abundance of love
And intimacy forever and ever and ever…