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143. Lorre Gibson is Simply Charmin’ © Hélène Levassseur

Lorre Gibson

Lorre Gibson is of a musical origin
She is known to be a friend quite befittin’
People know she does a lot of drummin’
Trusting God bringing her lots of singin’

She roams the land like a Wonder Merlin’
And treasures her little ones like shepherdin’
Many say that she is people’s safety pin’
As she answers wishes like Mary Poppins

Lorre Gibson heals ailments from within
There’s nothing that she leaves prevailin’
Acting like family though she’s not a cousin
It’s her way of showin’ her love a-throbbin’

Jesus loves when she lives like she’s a Capuchin
And when we speak she does no interruptin’
It’s o.k. to tell it like it is with much feelin’
As it’s safe exposin’ to her without any chagrin’

Lorre Gibson to many is like a Kremlin
Governing the weaklings from nothin’
In need of repair to be built into somethin’
Once disciplined they are thorough-goin’

Lorre Gibson Hélène enjoyed employin’
She’s a great listener and without a break-in
Of her character or personality she just fits in
In ways without botherin’ or highfalutin’

Lorre Gibson’s Poems are worth listenin’
Under the Satellite “Discover Yourself in’
Whatever she thinks, says or does grinnin’
Or actin’ as God’s sayin’:

“She’s Simply Charmin’!”