135. The Sweethearts of the Saviour © Hélène Levasseur


Have you ever heard about The School of Sweethearts’ Order?
Learner or Teacher she becomes a sweet and vibrant Producer
Of Special Events where finding God is the Grand Observer
In her School’s Profession examining her entire Behaviour

A Sweetheart of the Saviour becomes sound as a Soulful Singer
With smiles and laughter her gentle Soul begins to prosper
Overjoyed she realizes in awe that she is God’s Precious Creator
And a holy, dedicated, perseverant and loyal Princess Warrior

Via the School of Sweethearts her life becomes brighter
Preparing herself as a true Christian high style Trend Setter
Learning to utilize her skills and talents as a true Treasure
As these gifts are bestowed by God’s Graces forever and ever

Spiritually the Sweetheart becomes a fervent Hard Worker
Praising God’s Words where she receives blessed Rose Water
Jesus’ own Mother is who instills in her Smiles and Laughter
Mary administers graceful Virtues into God’s little Daughter

The School of Sweethearts teaches her to be a Gift Bearer
Knowing Jesus is the Dean and Mary the Mother Superior
She follows the Super-Intendent the Holy Spirit’s Demeanor
Becoming a great Mediator to Help and Serve One Another

A Sweetheart of the Saviour is like a Foster Mother Superior
In this world’s race she is prepared to become a Fore-Runner
Meant to be the prophesied scripture in a World of Wonder
As she bravely learns to  become a crowned Spiritual Soldier

The School of Sweethearts is like a Spiritual Institute Scrubber
Gently giving tasks with a gentle brush and Dove Soap Water
Cleansing Sisters and Brothers’ Souls with a Musical Whisper
Helping them respond to life with Christian Gifts of Honour

Sweethearts of the Saviour move forth as a Globe Trotter
Searching for a walking, wheeling or wounded stranger
Knowing their aches she prays to be God’s Daily Partner
In all struggles she becomes a perseverant devout Healer

Orderly with a loving and compassionate Manoeuver
Sons and Daughters are like a true blue Christian Lover
Being a Sweet Consoler and Soother to One Another
As well as a holy, smarter and wiser God Worshiper

Junior or Senior she learns duties of a Holy Messenger
God is her awesome I Am and thus her Emmanuelizer
Present always as The Holy Spirit, Friend and Brother
She is  His Heiress.  He is her King, Creator and Father

As a Sweetheart she knows that Almighty Dad is Super Duper
Giving Joys and Soulful Cries and many Gifts of unmerited Favor
Her brave Sweet Heart gathers His Graces with Majestic Honour
Metamorphosing this Celestial Order with Services and Prayer

The School of Sweethearts is added to God’s Soup of Splendour
Enhancing Worldly Friends to come for its Sweethearts’ Order
“Christ-Like and Mary-Like Ways” of Holiness from our Creator
Father lives in Hearts and His Holy Spirit is our Godly Order!