3. The World’s Sweethearts are Angelus! © Hélène Levasseur


Oh we know so much about what we call despair

Though we appear to live a life so grandly debonair

We know that we are in need of God’s Divine Repair

Though we say several prayers with a poetic flair


Over the years we have gone through so much travail

Always expecting that almighty justices will prevail

For decades we’ve written a journey with every detail

Laughing at our endless superfluities over a cocktail


Told were we that someday soon we will be in a headline

Our autobiographies will be studied over Port wine

Some people believe that there will be a lighted shrine

Of heavenly hosts praising God that we are just fine


You see when one enters the world of God’s Business

We become more like Him and people respect holiness

However we seem to bring along so much giddiness

In God’s Play encompassing wondrous joy and silliness


All of our existence brings experiences of sweet despair

This doesn’t mean that in our assignment we don’t care

It’s just because amalgamating God’s family is a nightmare

Because the people refuse to change their thoroughfare


So let us not lose our mission going upward or downward

We’re meant to make friends and be friends so straightforward

It’s obvious to everyone that we haven’t graduated from Harvard

But we will remain on the same path to Heaven’s Boulevard


The World’s sweetness is lost when not believing God chose us

As we are average Joes and Joettes we appear unlike Jesus

But lo and behold people like us are welcomed in surplus

Because you see God calls his Sweethearts  “Angelus”.