23. Well Wishes © Hélène Levasseur

HELENE LEVASSEURPrayerful Well Wishes from Hélène!

Today she is sending her loved ones much stillness
In order to accompany everyone’s goals as perfectness
Perhaps they’ll  sound full of personal aims so powerless
But they are meant for them to earn lots of sweetness

She does this to submerge people’s respect and closeness
Helping her friends  to bring forth a lot of forgiveness
For one another ridding themselves of any bitterness
Realizing that any of the latter are endlessly fruitless

Once they begin to work at this she brings artfulness
They  sound fine being a part of a maturing enchantress
Who seems fearless and carries the foundation of a goddess
The first thing they know is that they are no longer in idleness

Perhaps this poem appears to be addressed as timeless
And makes us wonder about it’s message that is restless
But we must interpret it with it’s underlying poetress
Wanting to bring us all into a resting place never motionless