27. When in Doubt © Hélène Levasseur


When in doubt it makes sense to just simply follow your heart
I am learning to focus my attention away from my brilliant brain
It is only my hardware where I accumulate what I see and hear
My heart is my Software and know “Emmanuel”  lives there

Lo and behold I am able to transform my thoughts into planning
There I do great things appreciating his wonderful creative gifts
I become unafraid and find myself enjoying all that is beautiful
And it gets easier to appreciate with practice my  beauty within.

Many struggle with trying to figure out what Higher Power is
Well ladies and gentlemen let’s learn to simply ponder within
Ask for clarity, inspiration and directives and trust Emmanuel
Even when in doubt you will learn that the answers are given

For a particular solution to any problem just simply ask for help
Meditate prayerfully and in no time at all his power greater than us
Gives guidance as it is truthfully from our loving dedicated sponsor
So let us surrender our lack of faith to Emmanuel asking for it back.