141. Getting To Know You © Hélène Levasseur


I am always saying “Getting to know you!”
When examining my younger self in this photo
It appears that I am persevering thus living
With uprises and/or downfalls forthcoming

Labelled elementary, secondary and universal
I come to a point in my existence for sure
That the cosmos’ purpose is so eventful
And for us to gear towards higher heights

I’m now maturing at this age, shape or form
Preparing my mind, heart and soul towards
Reaching judgment day with full honors
Having confessed it all for Graduation Day

The path I pursue to take is of wisdom
As I delicately plan the rest of my life
Consecrating my heart to our God’s heart
Everlastingly and with a rhythmic guarantee

On earth we are meant to be friends galore
It appears that everyone is to really adore
Each other’s company and never ignore
Our quests to serve God forever more

Sometimes it takes the likes of a Levasseur
To bring all of mankind into some laughter
As we swallow our ego and pride forever
And recite poems at our Poets’ Corner

Soon we’ll be hearing poems  so sublime
Listening to Holy Wow Poets at mealtime
Expressing sentiment of their lifetime
Being considered by visitors very prime

Remember everyone that
“God” is the Word! Amen!”