142. Just a Few Words for Holy Wowers! © Hélène Levasseur


Who? What? Where? When? Why? Which? and How?
The Holy Wowers before, during and after produce
A Holy Wow Poetry Show with applause to ascertain always
An ongoing invigorating recital like no other which is is our Wish.

Frequently Holy Wow Poets show amazing skills
Giving meaning to the audiences ever growing
Always yearning to return monthly to review
The new, the old, the junior and the senior poets

Not knowing poetry let us invest in Poetry for Dummies
Becoming knowledgeable in the existence of man’s gifts
This Art has been roaming the earth for thousands of years
And has never failed to touch, move and inspire souls galore

All things in this world are somewhat poetic in nature
According to our beliefs or disbeliefs we compose wonders
With moral and spiritual perfection we convey Holy Wows
Expressing and connecting our works to dedicated listeners

Thanks for coming to critique the Holy Wow Poets earnestly
Our goals and ambitions are simply to become reknown poets
Locally, Provincially and Nationally having fun and laughter
We theatrically as amateurs and/or published perform monthly

So on your Mark. Get set. Now go as we make our Mark
By helping others make theirs with our sincere applauses
Meant to produce a Holy Wow Poetry Show at the Act Theatre
The Lobby there for years have been our Practicum Folks

Welcome Everyone and thanks for Joining www.holywowpoetry.com!