170. Headlined Genius Levasseur © Hélène Levasseur

It is said that Hélène’s Don’t Quit Poetry Recitals are Stellar
How exciting regarding her who one once labelled Bipolar
Perhaps she is considered some days a Loser or a Gainer
But let us have faith in Her lovely Almighty Creator

God knows her inside out and is the Redeemer
It is believed that one day she will be Popular
Perhaps found in everyone’s diary as a Newcomer
It is believed that to many she is a Forerunner

Being a T.B.I. Traumatic brain injury Survivor
We could see her as a Campaigner and/or Entertainer
Regardless of the truth that she reacts like a Teenager
It’s better now out of once being diagnosed a 10 year Junior

Time has come to rise and shine somewhat Irregular
But this is because she was challenged to be a Spectator
Because of her lack of memory she can’t be a Gossipper
It would probably require her to become more a Gospeller

Oh well this poem reflects that Hélène is still a Dreamer
Not to worry it will probably start the spreading of a Rumour
It is simple to realize that one can be an incessant Learner
Though known that for a quarter of century she was a Loner

Thanks be to God everyone that she never became a Moaner
This is because every day she would turn it all to her Saviour
She knew in her heart that God is our Dad and is Super-Duper
She believed that birds of a feather like Eagles hang Together

Emmanuel the Holy Spirit made her become an earnest Believer
The Medical Profession believed that she would scarcely Recover
But “All things are Possible with God” is Hélène’s incessant Banner
And has been known that life via struggles we can carry an Eraser

As it has been a job to re-establish a good Cognitive Behaviour
Thank God that He has given her a direct Celestial Flavour
Let us remember that once she was a “Mover and a Shaker”
Nothing would stop her from always remaining a Stargazer

The Severe Brain Injury became like a confrontational Deceiver
Having learned to turn impossibilities into a possibilities’ Endeavour
Would become a part of her Spiritual, Medicinal, Christian Altar
Turning over everything to Our Lord Jesus Christ the God Master

This is how Our Lord became the School of Sweethearts’ Sponsor
So from the beginning it was important to become a Globetrotter
From a satellite in Hélène’s mind’s came an Intellectual Measure
She was medically diagnosed eccentric and sometimes Out of Kilter

But folks over the last quarter of a century
A Journalist is spreading a Headline about me
“An Enlightened Genius is Hélène Levasseur!
She is responding: ” Mon Doux. Mon Dieu!”