169. Time for Contrition © Hélène Levasseur

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

Time for me to go into sorrow over sin
A true purpose of my amendment
That’s what happens when you begin
To review your life no longer transparent

It’s a realization of our past being reminiscent
Of all our values and any that are undervalued
We start when our health shows maladjustment
Reviewing our past, present and future subdued

Lo and behold a check list we make right away
Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which and How
We right away reflect if our time was up let’s say
Certainly changes all our thoughts somehow

Losing weight falls off from our check list
It’s replaced with who can I call to say “I Love You”
You want to thank everyone and hope you haven’t missed
Anyone dear to your heart through and through

So the moral of this story is it’s not too late
To make amends over anything that we regret
It’s like a game and we hope to say in the end “checkmate”
We’ve had all our life to get it right without offset

So on your mark. Get set. Go Friends. Go.
With chin up. Shoulders back. Standing straight
Moving forth living it up to the fullest to and fro
Thanking God for this time before the Golden Gate

Though I fretted yesterday over the state of my health
Today I was told I’m still in remission and that relieved me
Now I’m going to be working on my spiritual wealth
What a beautiful chance to become righteous and free

So here I go again writing and composing to no end
It’s just a journal and thanking you for reading it
Many thanks indeed for your prayers and being a friend
You have no idea how it pleases Our Holy Spirit

Emmanuel = God with us = is who I spend time with
He tells me everything of Jesus Christ in Heaven
I now know who I will be serving forever forthwith
Having become a member of God’s rose garden

I’ve been told that I am on hold but rest and behold
That God recognizes his followers by their rose scent
Knowing that the earth is our School of Learning is gold
For those that He is calling to be His heaven’s adornment

Well everyone we are called to be God’s Heavenly Population
It’s a Slow but Sure Balancing Act and we can get it right
Are we going to be elementary, secondary or Universal in Orion
The Celestial Equator where we perhaps are heading for His Light

Well don’t mind me folks I’m just getting carried away
With lots of words from the dictionary and rhyming books
So I bid you fairwell tonight dearest friends and do not stray
From God’s calling to His chosen ones and know we are not spooks