187. Holy Wow Poets’ Honour © Hélène Levasseur

I’ve been waiting for “God’s pious Hooting and Cheering!”
For those who are experiencing “Suffering and Lamenting”
Time has come to embark a few of us who are still self-denying
But deeply yearning “Poetic Potential” still found hibernating

Why not embark on the greatest “Prolific Adventure”
Where a documentary endears a quest of any “Survivor”
Taking people out of their “Shell and Burrowing Shelter”
And immersing them into a “Poetry World of Wonder”

What shall we name those survivors so magnified
The new chapters in their lives are certainly gratified
Performing we all become “Seasoned and Quite Dignified”
It appears that we’re onto something “Grandly Sanctified”

We’re Holy Wow Poets as we say with quite a wide smile
Discussing matters over a cup of tea of tasty Chamomile
Finally we’re coming out of having been in a “Long Exile”
My goodness we’re here taking “A Quantum Leap Mile”

Folks do you think we have found in our midst a “Goldmine”
The “Documented Holy Route” will seem like “A Serpentine
Not to worry let’s just ponder drinking some “Port Wine”
No Monkeyshine!” Let’s all stand tall like “Lordly Pine!”

Making a recital at the Act Theatre is always a pleasure
What an honour being a “Special Holy Wow Poetry Feature”
Invited by the Holy Wow Poets who bring me as a new figure
For the enjoyment of unknowns without pressure

Perhaps I Marie Noelle Hélène will leave a “Fragrance”
Choosing an “Auto-Biographic Nature” with “Poetic Elegance”
Beginning a “Friendship Club” bringing some “Reconnaissance”
To souls for their “Sweetheart Stage Personal Performance”

I’ve reached this “Shining Moment” in my poetry composing
But am somewhat left with a yearning for more exposing
Did you know that I believe that I was meant for “Entertaining”
It’s been a part of me since I was just “A Teen simply Flirting”

Oh Dear I must realize that the time has not come for “Fruition”
In “Baby Stages” of “Studying Poetry” we need much “Affection”
When “A Rhymester” shows up the audience  “Falls into Oblivion”
Must be careful of not scaring them through my “Poetic Passion”

Whilst reciting a number came to my mind and I was “Smitten”
Ten minutes has gone by and I certainly don’t want to be a Burden
Remember what the doctors had said I now prove them “Ill-Gotten”
Alive and Well Full of Fun and Laughter” I’m out of “Kinder-garden”

So on that note let me inform you that I am full of “Excitement”
Every day that goes by I will remember this grateful “Achievement”
The Holy Wow Poets helps people reach an “Era of Encouragement”
So I leave you today with some poetry that is “Not of Bereavement”

I promise that I will study poetry and teach all of it “Godspeed!”
One of my favorite poems is our lovely “Apostle’s Creed”
I promise to write wholeheartedly without any doubt or greed
Never forgetting the listeners while I wear some “Fancy Tweed”

I’m not into pleasing “Affluent People” but all who have an ear
It certainly appears that the time has come for me to disappear
Thank you for being “My Applauders” like I was “Shakespeare”
I leave you now and embark on my “Study of  Edward Lear!”