188. Enlightened after Decades © Hélène Levasseur

Almost three decades have gone like bye byes
Leaving me with years  following my demise
But without many disheartening wailing cries
I venture out with vim that thus fortifies

Was labelled severely brain injured
My intelligence somewhat hampered
Focus and concentration was tampered
Leaving traces of being brain severed

Many semesters were in my recovery
The first one was labelled “A Tragedy”
“Trauma” was the second and very weary
Lo and behold “Triumph” has come finally

Nearing this third decade I feel forbidden
The doctors said I would remain hidden
Everything I learned was ver heavy laden
What can I say when I was so crestfallen

After many years I’m only now reintegrating
Time is here to come out of any rehabilitating
And slowly enter the World when dismantling
Engrained fears obtained by simply doing nothing

At the Act Theatre I get rid of any kind of ill will
Delving into becoming public moving forth uphill
I could leave a message that shrills people’s thrill
The audience watches one with this outstanding pill

Well her Pill is “Poetry!” Her Therapy! Her Triumph!