137. A Prayer About Our Best Friend © Hélène Levasseur


Our Beloved God we chose to contemporize
As we can learn to modernize and energize
Jesus’ talents and treasures as a Grand Prize
His presence and scriptures began to popularize
As His chosen people started to centralize
Composers and writers that now tranquilize
The world’s dilemmas as they demobilize
Replacing them with ones that advertise
Goodwill to one and all who attitudinize
Themselves well and start to emphasize
A joyful life that can now monopolize
Everyone who learns to familiarize
Their intellect to God and recognize
We’re one Creation meant to baptize
Reconciling to Him who can stabilize
Everyone who chooses to euologize
Jesus Christ sent for us to sensitize
His poetic population for His Kingdom’s size
The Earth our Lord God always sanctifies
As belonging to His dearest Spiritual Franchise:

His Holy Wow Poetry Website is given
to all His forthcoming Poets!