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144. Light Manifested in the Spirit of B.C. © Hélène Levasseur

Photo by  Alex Pope.

Photo of the Golden Ears Mountain is by Alex Pope.

In Spirit everything enlightens me as I am living in B.C.
Engaged to its wonderland and imagery rich in nature
Synonymous to God’s graces and His repairs always
This province has the ability to elicit beliefs in B.C.

B.C. is “Before Christ” and in His Spirit I believe
Having learned credibility to live in Him honourably
He takes care of my character following His style
By doing good works amongst one another daily

Knowing He can’t be borrowed nor can He be bought
He is free and easy as He bestows his numerous gifts
Having good credit with Him working for our laurels
Soon we reflect our God’s wondrous image you see

His glory is tied to ours and with His help we shine
It’s amazing that our God is a God of second chances
He is our light in Spirit because we live before Christ
As He gives way to dawn’s light as a Brand New Day

Everything we think say and do is all before Christ
With His mercies that come from His gracious wishes
Great is our faithfulness and thanks for His remedy
As this gives us power in our everlasting Christian life

In times of crisis we grasp His teachings and much more
We are not consumed as His compassion fails not at all
With confidence we receive His faithful care in awe
Making the most of the Spirit of everything before Christ

Let us live long in the Spirit of Christ
Let us love long in the Spirit of Christ
Let us serve God in the Spirit of Christ
Let us share God in the Spirit of Christ

God our Father did send His only begotten Son.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is forthcoming as promised.
Jesus the Son of God is the second person of God.
Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit, is the third person of God.

Jesus will have a different name upon His return.
In my heart I believe that God’s name will mean:

“God with us Eternally!”

137. A Prayer About Our Best Friend © Hélène Levasseur


Our Beloved God we chose to contemporize
As we can learn to modernize and energize
Jesus’ talents and treasures as a Grand Prize
His presence and scriptures began to popularize
As His chosen people started to centralize
Composers and writers that now tranquilize
The world’s dilemmas as they demobilize
Replacing them with ones that advertise
Goodwill to one and all who attitudinize
Themselves well and start to emphasize
A joyful life that can now monopolize
Everyone who learns to familiarize
Their intellect to God and recognize
We’re one Creation meant to baptize
Reconciling to Him who can stabilize
Everyone who chooses to euologize
Jesus Christ sent for us to sensitize
His poetic population for His Kingdom’s size
The Earth our Lord God always sanctifies
As belonging to His dearest Spiritual Franchise:

His Holy Wow Poetry Website is given
to all His forthcoming Poets!

116. Helene’s favourite Prophetic Psalm is # 91


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will
Rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
We say of the Lord:
“He’s my Refuge and my Fortress, my God
in whom we trust.
Surely he will save us from the fowler’s snare and
from the deadly pestilence.
He still covers us with his feathers and under his wings
we will find refuge.
His faithfulness will be our shield and rampart.
We will not fear the terror of night
or the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at our side,
ten thousand at our right hand
but it will not come near us.
We will only observe with our eyes and
see the punishment of the wicked.
If we make the most High our dwelling
even the Lord who is our refuge
then no harm will befall us.
No disaster will come near our tent.
For He will command His angels
concerning us to guard us in all our ways
They will lift us up in their hands
so that we will not strike our feet against a stone.
We will tread upon the lion and the cobra
We will trample the great lion and the serpent
because they love me, says the Lord:

“I will rescue them; I will protect them
for they acknowledge My Name.
They will call upon Me and I will
answer them
I will be with them in trouble
I will deliver them and honor them
With long life will I satisfy them
and show them My Salvation!”

114. God’s Empiricism and Grand Baptism © Hélène Levasseur

Jesus Christ is the greatest Christmas Gift in the entire World.

                           Jesus Christ is the greatest Christmas Gift in the entire World.

May our Christmas be so merry and bright
Filled with vim and vigor and might
Rekindling our Christian optimism
That exemplifies our great witticism

Good news of comfort and joy delight
Sensing visions in this mystical plight
An abundance of quests of true heroism
With fruits galore from pure quietism

God’s Way is with His Grand Foresight
Father knows best as the Playwright
He rebukes all vanity and egoism
Replacing them with mush surrealism

Heaven sends us a radiant beaconlight
Moving forth blameless in the spotlight
Christian  gifts given in poetic artism
Impressing our inner spiritual mindism

Filled with awe and heavenly insight
We honor and serve God as a Wright
Boldly we move into God’s Empiricism
Proclaiming the vows of our Christmasism.

111. A Butterfly sent by Mary © Hélène Levasseur


Strolling through the park today
A butterfly reminded me of Mary
I began a conversation with “Hey
Do I need you in my life to pray
For circumstances that decay
My dreams set for a Passion Play!”

Lo and behold the butterfly did stay
And listened to my lamenting way
I felt  inside like it was Mother’s Day
With her was experiencing a Miracle Play
Within a few minutes I could soothsay
My problems were set out of the way

I am in remission and perhaps cancer-free!

103. Choose to Live! Be a Fighter! © Hélène Levasseur


Doing some Listening Prayer!

Doing some Listening Prayer!

Today God is sending
His loved ones much stillness
In order to accompany
Everyone’s goals as perfectness
Perhaps this sounds full of
Personal aims so powerless
But they are meant for us
To earn lots of sweetness
He does this to submerge
People’s respect and closeness
Helping His friends to bring forth
A lot of forgiveness
For one another ridding
Ourselves of any bitterness
Realizing that any of the latter  
Are endlessly fruitless
Once we begin to work at it
God brings Artfulness!

Deuteronomy 30:19