106. Frogette is so Coquette! © Hélène Levasseur

Helene nicknamed Frogette is so Coquette!

Helene nicknamed Frogette is so Coquette and she wants to make the world  supreme that no one forgets!

Marie Noelle Helene Levasseur’s nickname is “Frogette”
Everyone claims she never takes time to become upset
The world is awaiting her to be the come-back secret
And so we wait impatiently for this to occur and yet
We sense she’s under everyone’s international t.v. set

Prayerfully described she is within every global chaplet
People are writing for her a song or simply a couplet
She has disappeared long ago but they can not forget
Her presence over talks on the radio or over a tea-set
Some folks converse that she is some sort of a prophet

She is inviting the world to work for a ribbon so violet
Representing mankind as heirs of God’s heavenly magnet
To sanctify all that we think, say and do like a good cadet
Claiming God’s royalties and divinitites like a successful poet
Thanking Him for His biblical grces and blessings so scarlet

We know in our hearts that God has for us a Floweret
Of Gifts and Fruits to be shared and worn as a corset
Preventing our everyday talk from anything epithet
She is not to be forgotten nor is she a flibbertigibbet
She’s God’s calling for His heavenlies to interpret!

Frogette is so Coquette!