105. Feeling Desolate Something Revealing Came © Hélène Levasseur


Recently it appears that I was immersed in long-suffering
I found myself alone and seemed to be caught mumbling
Over nothing though everything appeared dismantling
Simply finding little moi incapable of far reaching
Goals and aspirations that once were prevailing
Over decades my little work done was outstanding
Though what I only remember is that it was painstaking
Dear me fearfully chose to remain just simply swirling
Creative thoughts forth in a grandeur unflinching
Of goals and aspirations once all worth redeeming

There is an abundance of wealth found in poetry writing
So what a great idea to compose words of well-being
As it leaves us with hopes of a future with lots of seasoning
I believe that we are to enter the world of entertaining
As the Universe around appears to be singing and dancing
A touch of wonder begin to be joyfully unfolding
My dear thoughts, sayings and doings are mellowing
Thank God what was written was a poem so befitting
The Holy Wow Poetry Club will be found launching
Its existence internally to be enjoyed non-ending!