71.Pondering on Holy Wow Poetry © Hélène Levasseur

Puzzled Founder/Organizer/Teacher

Puzzled Founder/Organizer….

Pondering on The Holy Wow Poetry Website has left her flabbergasted
Sometimes she goes into deep thought contemplating a new idea
And enters a realm of enlightenment and becomes a little dumbfounded
As it seems she’s alone in her little world shooshing away fears – Yeah!

She’s always believed that The Holy Wow Poetry Club is for all people
To discover their hidden talents and forge ahead with their stuff
And enjoy reciting them at a monthly rendez-vous becoming a vessel
For others to immerse themselves passionately into poems off the cuff

The time has come for Hélène Levasseur to let go and let God rule
Every time she takes something upon herself to do  – all hell breaks loose
It seems that under the world’s observation that she appears to ridicule
Her own intention of creating a coup ending up feeling like a silly goose