70. Courage To Walk Away © Hélène Levasseur


Let's not walk away from anyone but their issues!

Let’s not walk away from anyone but their issues!

Well I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or a philosopher
However I tend to observe the world at large as such
Don’t have the education, the experience but have a knack
Of some kind to inner knowledge about what’s real and frank

Discernment and interpretations of people easily come forth
My problem is that I give everyone the benefit of the doubt
Believing that individual people can be found in our grid
Like they were meant to enter our world and stay to teach

However when some personages appear to haunt our psyche
We allow them to enter our entourage and begin to feel frail
They seem to carry a mission to dominate and control us
It is required that we immediately dismiss ourselves from them

There is a moral to this story and its courage to walk away
Not needing hindrances of people who do condescend us
We are thankful when we let them slide off our shoulders
Forgiving them and walking away never looking back.