162. He’s All I’ve Got © Hélène Levasseur


In this day of pondering
I went into thus trusting
Not me but my Higher Power
Who is my Lord and Saviour

I’m looking for Brother/Sisterhood
Not seeking to be understood
But namely to simply understand
One’s calling biblically in my hand

Time has come for my “Rebirthing”
Walking away from my “Hibernating”
Like an Eagle after 40 years of living
Remakes his beak, talons and feathering

Aren’t we like birds of a feather?
Yearning to chum with that Levasseur
Only to find a new world of wonder
Bringing us into a Heavenly breather

It’s been a quarter of a century
That I’ve been in a great recovery
Of re-identifying my new identity
Taking a lot of time Slowly but Surely

In this journey many projects were created
A CD, A Book, A Poetry Club manifested
Living 90% of my life alone rehabilitated
Thus time has come for being reintegrated

A problem exists in trying to formulate in my mind
What’s my purpose when I face what is behind
God has paid my dues and my penance and amends
Must be ready to receive an abundance of holy trends

So on your mark. Get set . Go Hélène and Go girl go!
Stand straight. Shoulders Back. Move forth and glow!
“Relax qu’est sera sera what will be will be
Our future is not ours to see!”

Joel Osteen says that I have no idea of what’s to come
But in God’s glory He has a plan for me to go and overcome
The odds that have been set against me and must foresee
That in front of me awaits a global well planned destiny

Now if you’ve read me thus far you must be a Reading Star
Lo and behold know that we are facebook buddies from afar
Sometimes I’m hard to read as it appears that it’s all a jungle
Of nonending words and phrases and to decipher is a bungle

See what I mean we can’t figure out what I’m all about!
Just a human being trying to become spiritually fit with a shout
Seeking to serve God making friends, being therefore their friend
Bringing all of them to my favourite loved one Jesus my best friend.