163. Painted Spoken Words in God’s Business © Hélène Levasseur

Pacific Rim Exhibition

In the 1980’s God assigned Hélène to go and share her skills on an Exhibition
At the B.C. Place Stadium which had just been built for Office Businesses’s Fruition
The Pacific Rim Computer and Communication was to be a great Office Show
Of a Trade and Consumer style for our City Vancouver in Western Canada’s Bravado

Hired she contacted all the Manufacturers in existence regarding office equipment
Telling them that their creative sales would increase their Profits’ Department
Across Canada she lured them out West to partake in this wonderful Show el pronto
Validating their products being the best for the Western Canadian sales flow

Didn’t take too much time to create an Exhibition that was like no other
Ordained by God she pondered would excel in bringing a telecommunications’ order
Thinking dearly there’s no business like show business like God’s Business I know
And for six months she was on the phone all day long performing without a fiasco

Lo and behold hundreds of companies were now to amalgamate out West here
Great demand existed for their masterpieces in the Electronic World Year
There they were bringing their goodies like there was an overflow
Technologically would now exist a Home with a new Business Scenario

Hailed was she by Tracon Exhibitions for diminishing the other Shows in Town
Having expelled the affairs of Southex and MacClean Hunter without a frown
As B.C Pace Stadium’s Pacific Rim and Computer and Communications Show
Had not caused her to become conceited but her family thought was now a Glow

This Collage Acrylic and Oil Painting was created for her formidable success
Renown she did become within the Trade and Consumer Show Western Press
This painting given became the cover of Next Year’s Show with her being a Pro
In the Industry now being recognized as a formidable National Hero

Touched and inspired was she becoming a Trade and Consumer Show Expert
And continued to praise God for His Assistance in daily making her very alert
That she was to proclaim that “There’s no Business like God’s Business I know”
That everything comes from Him and that He simply asks us to prayerfully echo

There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
Surrender to Him and grow and become Stars that everlastingly glow
There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
Let the World proclaim it and share it with this Echo reflecting a Grand Manifesto
Many thanks indeed God Almighty when we become aware to let God as we let go!