69. Holy Wow Poets – Friends Galore © Hélène Levasseur


Did you know we used to have friends galore
It appears that everyone really really adore
Each other’s company and never ignore
The Holy Wow Poets’ Club as it’s always a chore
To write more poems for visitors furthermore

The launching of this Club happens in any time
Where we’ll be listening to new poetry so sublime
Listening to Holy Wow Poets over drinks at mealtime
Who will express new sentiments to share for lifetime
And eventually considered by all visitors  very prime

Sometimes it takes the light of someone like Levasseur
To bring friends and families into fun and laughter
Going  public swallowing their ego as an outspoken speaker
Reciting poetry and becoming individually  a forerunner
For what everyone will yearn to visit a wonderful Poet’s Corner

Look at us at HolyWoween!

(Picture by Freda du Plessis)