12. In a Light Abeyance © Hélène Levasseur

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

Nothing was ever by mischance

I always loved to romance

And yet never took a chance

It’s was like poetry stance by stance

Through prose I always sun danced

I never needed extra surveillance

Living to the fullest was of importance

My family came originally from France

You can tell that just from a glance

I yearn today for the Holy Spirit’s fragrance

I want to earn my promised inheritance

With obedience and never by nuisance

So I strive for a lot of fruitful elegance

Jesus is the Dean and brings Spiritual elegance

In a short time we immerse into clairvoyance

Sharing lots of talents with extravagance

In due time we carry the Lord’s resemblance

Merrily merrily we go into a light abeyance

Lucky us having God’s wonderful attendance

Preparing for Eternal life’s furtherance

We’re no longer low or high maintenance

With Him we experience Hell’s severance

Submerging with our Heavenly appearance

The Holy Spirit’s fruits and gifts we enhance

Becoming God’s Heirs in His countenance.