13. Marie Noelle Hélène is a Matter of Fact © Hélène Levasseur


There is no one else like her exact and that's a fact!

There is no one else like her exact and that’s a fact!

Some say Marie Noelle Hélène is a light and that is a matter of fact

There’s no one else who can be like her exact

Having a French, German and Mohawk-Iroquois pact

She creates The School of Sweethearts to interact

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Holy Wow Poets to retract

Their skills, talents and treasures as a contract

Benevolently helping each other to become intact

Learners and teachers come out of anything abstract

Exuberantly and deliciously they start to enact

At the Slow but Sure Balancing School’s Promo Act

What a difference it makes upon the World’s impact

Even the Media comes to them as they start to attract

Anyone and everyone who wants to leave their tract.