52. Lamenting Levasseur © Hélène Levasseur


HELENE LEVASSEURDespite the existence of tragedy and trauma Hélène cries Triumph
Despite the failures requiring re-modeling she howls “Re-inventing!”
Tired of hearing always “Accept the situation” she shreaks I try!”
Lamenting Levasseur does choose to rise instead of to epitomize.

Heartfelt she calls herself Marie Noelle Hélène – Bitter-Sweet-Bright
With Sad and Happy expressions she refuses to believe it’s the end
In her neuroses she believes she can get away with it…’s… the beginning
By realism, surrealism, impressionism and symbolism her mind’s blurred.

Terrible things to Lamenting Levasseur become thus Works of Art
As she peers into her Traumatic Brain Injury and several Cancers
This applies to her struggles with doubts and criticisms lurking
Immersed in despair and frustration she flies with soaring fantasies

She says she’s a Character in the Bible – A Witness on a Mission
Designed to portray the subtlest hint of holiness in everything
She plays with the high and low episodes with elated expressions
Utilizing literally speaking all her skills and talents  to the limit

Choked with emotions she prefers to hide in a burrow till she’s better
Only to recognize that she is festered with lies that seem to haunt her
It appears she is robbed of her life of glory but it’s because of her choosing
Is  “Give and Take” as well as “Seek and Serve” her portfolio for existence?

Lamenting Levasseur is affecting people’s patience and sensibilities
They wish that she would reveal her virtuosic nature with bells and whistles
The time has come for Madame Bitter-Sweet-Bright to show her splendor
The Original, the Authentic, The Intimate Fun Loving Hélène Levasseur

The same can be said with the way she wants all to speed up their  talents
Well perhaps Lamenting Levasseur is original or perhaps somewhat invented
Her trademark is luscious and rich and is a necessity to manifest a prophecy
Representing mankind creating with perfection every day in every way  

Lamenting Levasseur’s inflicted sufferings seem a challenge to be a heroine
Well hello hello –  she awakens to this fable, this tale, this legend all in her mind
Hélène faces her poignant controversial quest for being holy or remain a sinner
She decides to walk away from being low and mediocre in anything of oppression.

Lamenting  Levasseur in 2016 becomes an Artist prophesied once upon a time
She receives a new name “HÉLÈNEAGLE” as she travels into the realm of higher heights
No longer roaming with Personal Suffering she’s surrounded by Soulful Serenity
Long lives Lovable Levasseur as she flies with the Eagles up above forever and ever.