16. Voice of Authority © Hélène Levasseur


A voice of authority is usually someone who has mighty powers
To determine, adjudicate or otherwise settle issues or disputes
Having  jurisdiction or a right to control or command or determine
This authority vested sometimes from a governmental style agency

Now to some people it’s like having an affair with a dictatorial flair
Of course this is done with an authoritative air of rulership influence
Giving  control either subjected or applied to smart manipulation
Believes it has the power or right usually like from a rank or office

The funny thing about someone who has a voice of authority
Is that many times it is exerted unconsciously and/or persuasively
Many times it is difficult to decipher its very dangerous nature
An authority figure is someone who thinks he/she is over others

This authoritative controller believes that it maintains this right
This person expects to receive inspiration and even obedience
The permission or power undertaken by a personage’s psyche
Authorizes in mind and heart whatever she/he wants to empower

Given or endowed with authority could be White or Black Magic
These people are often part of our government and duly sanctioned
The Schools are called to teach children these new  voice tactics
Having the sanction or weight therefore giving authoritarian attitudes.

   This poem Voice of Authority explains new Communism…