15. Roch and Helene – Amen! © Hélène Levasseur


Helene nicknamed Frogette is so Coquette!

Are we the Witnesses?


We’ve been writing lyrics and songs for a while

It’s time to start writing about our little profile

What a discovery re. our long awaited biography

That will enhance our relationship personally

Doing delightful journals bring an array of joys

Our poems certainly show our little duetic toys

A poetry series that will eventually be in demand

This would be a great self-study at our command

It appears we, Roch and Helene, have a sweet heart

True friends like us pray a lot and never fall apart

Our skills, talents and treasures are admired

Audiences come out with cheers so whole-hearted

The exposure of this friendship is about to be done

Excitingly everyone will study it and have some fun

We will never know what to expect once begun

Our poetic flair will bring out our words spun

Sometimes we’ll hear some follies and absurdities

So understanding as we express our superfluities

Our life will bring people into their comedies

And this poetry will for many bring new remedies

This is newsworthy leaving the public speechless

We study with growth, God’s serenity and youthfulness

Creating a world of wonder of this new awareness

A musical show will brighten us with finesse and artfulness

Thanks to Roch and Helene’s simple one of a kindness!