124. Productive in Exile © Hélène Levasseur


1YLZoWp1Qxf4JR58CrPeOX_y8KYgssTEeHUwFRi_vh4,u4WZmJRpQq6gbOptGXfjhCVttsz7ZLJ5ffH5wdYyZa4Twenty three years ago I experienced a tragedy
Following a golfing accident at Iron Mountain Golf Course
I was in a Coma for three weeks at Royal Columbian Hospital
In recovery at Eagle Ridge Hospital for three months
I found myself unable to return to work and began researching
Things for me to do whilst recuperating and re-integrating
I started composing music and lyrics and finally poems
Within a decade I had recorded a CD called “Catch the Fever”
I wrote songs and poems as my  Thinking Depot Journal
Encountered two Cancers labelled now Metastatic
However launched The Holy Wow Poetry Club after that
Began Art classes discovering I had many artistic skills
Knew right then and there that all things are possible with God
I daily pray to be producing a Special Event at the Act Theatre
Where we meet monthly for our recitals in the Lounge
For the benefit of The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association
And The B.C. Cancer Agency found nearby in Abbotsford
An organized Fund Raise I would develop for them
Showing a spiritual and miraculous cure of people like me
Prophetic words came to me over twenty three years ago
That I would be a benevolent working citizen by 2013
And so on that note let us yearn for a Miracle called
“Hélène’s Answered Prayer”.
Now comes “Hélèneagle!”