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117. Whatever Comes My Way © Hélène Levasseur

Prayer of Faith 

I have chosen today to seek someone’s face
This practice enables me to put Him right on
Wearing Him every moment like my clothing
And as I put Him on I communicate with Him
Prepared I become fit for whatever comes

As I wear Him I realize that I carry His mind
That sanctifies all that I think, say and do
You see He is my Holy Spirit and controls me
Being transformed by this renewal within
I can face people and situations in every way

Forthcoming are cancer tests to my dismay
I however carrying Him brings me peace
Nothing is impossible with God you see
I am prepared clothing myself with the Lord
With Him comes humility, joy and patience

Perhaps I have Metastatic Cancer at Stage 4
Oncologists differ on this observation still
However time will tell as I walk in the Spirit
Hearing His inner voice saying “Never give up!”
Seek Me! Talk to Me! Therefore be prepared!

Meditating prayers as a true matter of fact
I memorize jovially His words and repose
Becoming like a Poet reciting jovial prose
You see I choose to follow His every Way
And lo and behold what can I say except:

Thanks Soul Friend, My Holy One and Dear Buddy!

5. Celestial Bride © Hélène Levasseur


I thank you all for your love and kind manner

These I cherish whether lesser or greater

They bring me peace, harmony like rose water

My heart and soul feel lighter and brighter


Above we Celestial Hosts are always discreet

Our words and thoughts always tend to greet

In fact all phrases and verses are quite sweet

Rephrased joyfully just like a chirpy Parakeet


New Worlds’ of wonder are to unfold

Its like finding genuine cloths of gold

Beauty and glory everywhere do manifold

Where the world’s families bloom ten fold


Our fresh outlook on life is intensified

Our sweetness and kindness glorified

Our prayers for families are magnified

The new chapters for sure are sanctified


Thought I’d let you know that I’m just fine

This life everlasting is sublime and divine

As a matter of fact I toast you all with wine

Blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ as we dine


You know we’re God’s Family so trustworthy

There are no divisions as we are light-hearty

That’s because we love praying effortlessly

Understanding God’s plan for everybody!


Our Toast to you:

     God’s Blessings with Cheers & Chuckles!