117. Whatever Comes My Way © Hélène Levasseur

Prayer of Faith 

I have chosen today to seek someone’s face
This practice enables me to put Him right on
Wearing Him every moment like my clothing
And as I put Him on I communicate with Him
Prepared I become fit for whatever comes

As I wear Him I realize that I carry His mind
That sanctifies all that I think, say and do
You see He is my Holy Spirit and controls me
Being transformed by this renewal within
I can face people and situations in every way

Forthcoming are cancer tests to my dismay
I however carrying Him brings me peace
Nothing is impossible with God you see
I am prepared clothing myself with the Lord
With Him comes humility, joy and patience

Perhaps I have Metastatic Cancer at Stage 4
Oncologists differ on this observation still
However time will tell as I walk in the Spirit
Hearing His inner voice saying “Never give up!”
Seek Me! Talk to Me! Therefore be prepared!

Meditating prayers as a true matter of fact
I memorize jovially His words and repose
Becoming like a Poet reciting jovial prose
You see I choose to follow His every Way
And lo and behold what can I say except:

Thanks Soul Friend, My Holy One and Dear Buddy!