145. A True Friend Reflects Self © Hélène Levasseur

A true friend reflects self
Our attributes are similar
Our virtues somewhat related
Our qualities kindly ressemble
Our fruits are of the same source
We find one another by serendipity
Becoming mesmerized to one another
Thankful to God for bringing us together
In this world of an unending infinite wonder

Wayfairing Wounded Wondrously Prayerfully!

Wayfairing Wounded Wondrously Prayerfully!

2 thoughts on “145. A True Friend Reflects Self © Hélène Levasseur

  1. Marie Noelle

    Wishing you well Hélène on your performance at Poetic Justice on the 8th of September. May you knock their socks off.

    Cheers & Chuckles always.

    1. Helene Levasseur Post author

      Thanks Marie Noëlle, dear sponsor and mediator of mine. It was nice to knock the audience dead with not only poetry but at the Songwriters’ Night at Heritage Grill where you introduced your “Everything Matters” and “Wayfairing Wounded Wondrously” your music. Nice picture of you on Soulful Review. Great.

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