146. Poetic Justice Invitation © Hélène Levasseur

Helene at Poetic Justice
Imagine receiving a Poetic Justice Invitation
To recite her masterpieces with inspiration
This has given Hélène so much of a glamor fascination
Hey she’s featured to receive maybe a standing ovation

I hear her saying:
Oh me! Oh me oh my! Silly Willy me, myself and I
Sometimes I think of being yummy as a pie
Poetically revered as a rhyming queen so high
Must release my ego bubble and let it fly to the sky

Well she has been writing autobiographical poetry for years
Reviewing all the poems brings her some kind of tears
Hope you don’t fall into her unwordly spells of fears
Please bring back confidence because you are her  dears

So on your mark. Get set. Move forth Hélène. Go with the flow
Relax. Repose. Let it all come out naturally. Wear your bow
You were meant to perform like you were on a ritzsy show
Have fun right now. Come alive.
Sing “Everything Matters” with pizazz and glow!