147. In the Midst of life © Hélène Levasseur


Decades pass by and we find ourselves over sixty
Not too long ago we were fresh and full of glee
Our life seemed unending season to season
We embellished ourselves with glory without treason

Is the Earth our home after all these trials and tribulations
Or are we simply living in a school of learning with confrontations
Let us embark on a wagon taking us to realms worth living
It’s all a part of our design to become a heavenly being

The moral of this story is to always keep us being active
Embellishing our entourage with new skills never derivative
Aiming for the sky’s the limit attitude never losing face
Living our lives always moving forth without disgrace

In the midst of life we contemplate dancing with the stars
And dancing in the rain never complaining about our past scars
This is for the betterment and improvement of our character
So let us continue writing a poetic journal with splendor and honor

God's Genius or Helene's?

In the Midst of Life we move forward taking life one day at a time wishing for miracles to occur!