155. Heaven’s Third Eye Hélène © Hélène Levasseur

Let’s discover Heaven’s Third Eyed Hélène
Celestial, Mystical and esoteric wren
Her speculative inquisitive invisible eye
Provides perceptions of a world so wise

Spiritually she examines everything about herself
Leading to inner realms of ancient consciousness
A state of Enlightenment and universal imagery
Having deep personal spirituality and philosophy

She now enters a quarter of a Century
Associated with religious visions
Clairvoyance and ability to perceive
Life with magnificent significance

Hélène could be labelled as a “seer”
Having not worked for a quarter of a century
Having examined her inner works and experiences
Some claim she has the capacity to read internally

Lo and behold her ladies and gentlemen…
Let’s Listen to her ethereal dimension…
As we become healthy and holy…