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165. Poetry is my Pastime © Hélène Levasseur

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In need of God’s divine repair
Desolate but not in despair
I pray because I do sincerely care
About all of mankind’s welfare

Remaining in a state of joy & harmony
Though life brings me some agony
It’s the simple every day trials’ cacophony
That I must endure with simplicity

The earth is our school of learning
It is how we respond to its teaching
That deciphers our well being
And strengthens us without failing

The moral of this story is ordinary
Let go and let God take our worry
And soon we realize that we are trustworthy
In Him being our so beloved Sovereignty

Don’t mind me folks I’m just passing time
Feeling that my life right now is not sublime
I thank you for reading me at your bedtime
Writing poetry you probably know is my pastime

163. Painted Spoken Words in God’s Business © Hélène Levasseur

Pacific Rim Exhibition

In the 1980’s God assigned Hélène to go and share her skills on an Exhibition
At the B.C. Place Stadium which had just been built for Office Businesses’s Fruition
The Pacific Rim Computer and Communication was to be a great Office Show
Of a Trade and Consumer style for our City Vancouver in Western Canada’s Bravado

Hired she contacted all the Manufacturers in existence regarding office equipment
Telling them that their creative sales would increase their Profits’ Department
Across Canada she lured them out West to partake in this wonderful Show el pronto
Validating their products being the best for the Western Canadian sales flow

Didn’t take too much time to create an Exhibition that was like no other
Ordained by God she pondered would excel in bringing a telecommunications’ order
Thinking dearly there’s no business like show business like God’s Business I know
And for six months she was on the phone all day long performing without a fiasco

Lo and behold hundreds of companies were now to amalgamate out West here
Great demand existed for their masterpieces in the Electronic World Year
There they were bringing their goodies like there was an overflow
Technologically would now exist a Home with a new Business Scenario

Hailed was she by Tracon Exhibitions for diminishing the other Shows in Town
Having expelled the affairs of Southex and MacClean Hunter without a frown
As B.C Pace Stadium’s Pacific Rim and Computer and Communications Show
Had not caused her to become conceited but her family thought was now a Glow

This Collage Acrylic and Oil Painting was created for her formidable success
Renown she did become within the Trade and Consumer Show Western Press
This painting given became the cover of Next Year’s Show with her being a Pro
In the Industry now being recognized as a formidable National Hero

Touched and inspired was she becoming a Trade and Consumer Show Expert
And continued to praise God for His Assistance in daily making her very alert
That she was to proclaim that “There’s no Business like God’s Business I know”
That everything comes from Him and that He simply asks us to prayerfully echo

There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
Surrender to Him and grow and become Stars that everlastingly glow
There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
Let the World proclaim it and share it with this Echo reflecting a Grand Manifesto
Many thanks indeed God Almighty when we become aware to let God as we let go!

160. Not Bad for a T.B.I. © Hélène Levasseur

Photo on 14-04-04 at 2.05 PM

Twenty seven years have gone like bye-byes
Having left me with a few following my demise
But without so many wailing cries
I venture out with vim that thus fortifies

Was labelled severely brain injured
My intelligence somewhat hampered
Focus & concentration was tampered
Leaving traces of being brain severed

Many semesters were in my recovery
The first one was labelled “A Tragedy”
“Trauma” was the second and very weary
Lo and behold “Triumph” has come finally

In this third decade I almost felt forbidden
The doctors did say I would remain hidden
Everything I learned was very heavy laden
What can I say when I was so crestfallen

After many years I’m only now re-integrating
Time is here to come out of any rehabilitating
And slowly enter the world when dismantling
Engrained fears obtained by simply doing nothing

At the Act Theatre I get rid of any kind of ill-will
Delving into becoming public moving forth uphill
I could leave a message that shrills people’s thrill
The audience watches one with this outstanding pill

Well of course the Pill is “Poetry!”

Poetry makes me want to believe that it’s easy to live
Surviving a Brain Injury and two Cancers so progressive
I, Hélène Levasseur, is without a doubt no captive
In remission I am forgiving as I choose to be somewhat active

The Holy Wow Poets in Maple Ridge of which I am the Founder
Organizing it for several years has been quite an adventure
Some self-published some not paint a fine delightful literary picture
Of neatly performing recitals at Poetry Clubs with lots of vigour

A visit to Poetry Bashes at Performance Works on Granville Market
Gave me a will to free poets as they bring forth their ingenious wit
Whether in outstanding prose & rhyme poetry so devoutly fit
For odd audiences showing the Lower Mainland’s Grand Spirit

Once Teacher, Secretary and Trade & Consumer Show Manager
Enabled me to go through what was destroyed only to encounter
New skills, talents and treasures encompassing that of a “Rhymester”
Seeing & Saying the sky’s never the limit for one who is a “Star Gazer”

Things will surely pass as a Tragedy is proven to be only momentary
In a coma for three weeks one becomes they say “Quite Contrary”
“Out of Balance” our “Equilibrium remains deranged or fragmentary”
It’s not our fault as everyhting we say is purposely involuntary

2017 is now here and it is my Year to have a “Benevolent Career”
Doing Poetry Shows at the Act Theatre with “Hooplah and Cheer”
Inviting the Fraser Valley folks to embark on as a “Volunteer”
Published or not poets joining to simply becoming a “Pioneer”

Holy Wow Poets invite you! So on your mark. Get set and Go!
Read “Poetry for Dummies” and compose a poem so profoundo
Show us that there is nothing that you can not undergo
Become a reknown poet in our midst producing el Manifesto

I, Hélène Levasseur, think that I’m onto “Something of Glory”
A miracle from a production re. “An International Documentary”
From “Mental Damage to Homage” so we can make this honourary
Realizing that we were all meant for quite a “Coup of Publicity!”

I’ve been waiting for “God’s pious Hooting and Cheering!”
For those who are experiencing “Suffering and Lamenting”
Time has come to embark a few of us who are still self-denying
But deeply yearning “Poetic Potential” though still hibernating

Why not embark on the greatest “Prolific Adventure”
Where a documentary endears a quest for any “Survivor”
Taking people out of their “Shell and Burrowing Shelter”
And immersing them into a “Poetry World of Wonder”

What shall we name those survivors so magnified
The new chapters in their lives are certainly gratified
Performing we all become “Seasoned and Quite Dignified”
It appears that we’re onto something “Grandly Sanctified”

We’re Holy Wow Poets as we say with quite a wide smile
Discussing matters over a cup of tea of tasty Camomile
Finaly we’re coming out of having been in a “Long Exile”
My goodness we’re here taking “A Quantum Leap Mile”

Folks do you think we have found in our midst a “Goldmine”
The “Documented Holy Route” will seem like “A Serpentine
Not to worry let’s just ponder drinking some “Port Wine”
 “No Monkeyshine!” Let’s all stand tall like “Lordly Pine!”

Reciting at the Royal City Literary Arts Society is always a pleasure
What an honour being a “Special Holy Wow Poet Feature”
Invited by the Poets who bring me forth as a new figure
For the enjoyment of unknowns without pressure

Perhaps I also called Marie Noelle Hélène will leave a “Fragrance”
Choosing a “Bitter-Sweet-Bright-Biographic Nature” with “Poetic Elegance”
Beginning a “Friendship Club” bringing some “Reconaissance”
To souls for their “Sweetheart Stage Personal Performance”

I’ve reached this “Beginning Moment” in my poetry composing
But am somewhat left with a yearning for more exposing
Did you know that I believe that I was meant for “Entertaining”
It’s been a part of me since I was just “A Teen simply Flirting”

Oh Dear I must realize that the time has come for “Fruition”
In “Baby Stages” of “Studying Poetry” we need much “Affection”
“A Rhymester” shows up and the audience never “Falls into Oblivion”
But must be careful of not scaring them through my “Poetic Passion”

Whilst reciting a number came to my mind and and I was “Smitten”
Ten minutes has gone by now and I certainly don’t want to be a Burden
Remember what the doctors had said I now prove them “Ill-Gotten”
“Alive and Well Full of Fun and Laughter – “I’m out of “Kindergarden”

So on that note let me inform you that I am full of “Excitement”
Every day that goes by I will remember this grateful “Achievement”
The Holy Wow Poets helps people reach an “Era of Encouragement”
So I leave you today with some poetry that is “Not of Bereavement”

I promise to study poetry and rehearse all of it “Godspeed!”
One of my favourite poems is our lovely “Aspostle’s Creed”
I promise to write wholeheartedly without any doubt or greed
Never forgetting the listeners while I wear some “Fancy Tweed”

I’m not into pleasing “Affluent People” but all who have an ear
It certainly appears that the time has come for me to reappear
Thank you for being “My Applauders” like I was “Shakespeare”
I leave you now and embark on my “Study of  Edward Lear!”

155. Heaven’s Third Eye Hélène © Hélène Levasseur

Let’s discover Heaven’s Third Eyed Hélène
Celestial, Mystical and esoteric wren
Her speculative inquisitive invisible eye
Provides perceptions of a world so wise

Spiritually she examines everything about herself
Leading to inner realms of ancient consciousness
A state of Enlightenment and universal imagery
Having deep personal spirituality and philosophy

She now enters a quarter of a Century
Associated with religious visions
Clairvoyance and ability to perceive
Life with magnificent significance

Hélène could be labelled as a “seer”
Having not worked for a quarter of a century
Having examined her inner works and experiences
Some claim she has the capacity to read internally

Lo and behold her ladies and gentlemen…
Let’s Listen to her ethereal dimension…
As we become healthy and holy…



127. Helene’s Thinking Depot Journal © Hélène Levasseur


With the simple and direct style of an incessant “Thinking Depot Journal” along with Poems and Songs combined with a yearning to please God a personal book entitled “Marie Noelle’s Medley” submerged. How about that?! A Miracle!

Who would ever believe that keeping a journal about myself that describes much Tragedy and Trauma would end up perhaps representing some Triumph.

I experienced the following:

Helene “Live-In-A-Sewer”
Lamenting Levasseur
Loose Lips Levasseur

This occured when I was labelled Bi-Polar and I must admit I was certainly off my kilter.

The first Semester of 10 years was dealing with Tragedy.  Second Semester of 10 years was dealing with Trauma and perhaps the next 10 Year Semester could end up being Triumphant.

This personal book also labelled “A Slow but Sure Balancing Act” is a hint of a traumatically brain injured survivor accompanied with cancer striking twice labelled Metastatic.  What impostors who came for a visit!

However Hélène believes that these two decades and three years have drawn her to develop knowledge and understanding of her quest in life and developing a close relationship with God.

Jesus Christ said: “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find.  Knock and it will be opened to you”.  Voila!

It’s mandatory for us all to develop a sound loving relationship with God and not be afraid to ask for his assistance, his aid in accomplishing the impossible…!

My Goals and Aspirations:

  1. Forgeting Self.
  2. Becoming Benevolent.
  3. Helping Brain Injured people as well as Cancer Survivors to reconcile with God.
  4. Doing Musical Therapy.
  5. Composing Lyrics and Music and Poems.
  6. Doing a Fund Raise Special Event for The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association and B. C. Cancer Agency in Abbotsford, B. C.
  7. Just being.
  8. Resting, Meditating and Praying.
  9. Doing a Testimonial upon invitation.
  10. Becoming Spirituallly Fit.
  11. Having Peace of Heart and Peace of Mind.
  12. Being Healthy, Slim and Trim.
  13. Learning Intimacy.
  14. Forgiving and loving me.
  15. Placing God first in everything I think, say and do to show off His Almighty Glory.

91. Discover Being Desirous © Hélène Levasseur

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