165. Poetry is my Pastime © Hélène Levasseur

Photo on 13-12-31 at 7.13 PM

In need of God’s divine repair
Desolate but not in despair
I pray because I do sincerely care
About all of mankind’s welfare

Remaining in a state of joy & harmony
Though life brings me some agony
It’s the simple every day trials’ cacophony
That I must endure with simplicity

The earth is our school of learning
It is how we respond to its teaching
That deciphers our well being
And strengthens us without failing

The moral of this story is ordinary
Let go and let God take our worry
And soon we realize that we are trustworthy
In Him being our so beloved Sovereignty

Don’t mind me folks I’m just passing time
Feeling that my life right now is not sublime
I thank you for reading me at your bedtime
Writing poetry you probably know is my pastime