168. Labelled Metastatic Cancer © Hélène Levasseur

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

I’ve been once told
My time was on hold
To become bold
So I won’t fold

Remembering Oh my
I start to cry
I don’t want to die
I start to sigh

I’m in remission
Don’t want insertion
Into chemo infusion
Understand my confusion

Not to worry
My tests will be worthy
Showing I have in my journey
Lots to accomplish everlastingly

First time in a long time
Since I’ve heard a chime
In my heart that does not rhyme
With the death do us part crime

Don’t mind me folks about it
Questioning Cancer I’m having a fit
There’s no proof yet but I’m a misfit
Thinking about this affects my spirit

You see I bled the other day
Twice this happened and what can I say
Except hello cancer you’re showing up eh
You, we all know, represent doomsday

It’s o.k. you know I’m Helene Levasseur
And won’t let this challenge damper
My joie de vivre and great manoeuvre
Of praying for dearest God to take over

Perhaps all of this is simply a false alarm
Must glide through everything with my charm
Not letting any negative thoughts swarm
Relying on our Holy Spirit who keeps me lukewarm

So here’s all of my words laid down showing upset
Enough is enough as I decide to recite a chaplet
My prayers I bring to you as a lovely floweret
Thanking you for yours towards a minaret

Many thanks indeed for reading me thus far
Never does a day go by that I yearn to be a star
According to the doctors I am a 10 year old on par
Facebook holds my journal typed on Apple my altar

I see a twinkle twinkle little star and make a wish
Help me God never to become anything sluggish
Falling apart never happened and that would be outlandish
As you know on earth I have left a lot to accomplish

The Holy Wow Poets’ Anthology 2013 was exciting
So Helene on your mark get set and go Highfaluting
Your quest to make our Club visitors’ yearning
And The Holy Wow Poets Canada never ending

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Voila!
Helene can never stop promoting a show with hoopla
It’s her trade and consumer show skills not to withdraw
Skills, talents and treasures that are not like a see-saw

If you’ve read till here you were meant to be a Poet
and you know it, come and show it and becoming fit!

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Sending you my love and affection,
Hélène Levasseur Charron xo