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189. Poetry is Illuminating © Hélène Levasseur


Poetry makes me want to believe that its easy to live
Surviving a Brain Injury and Two Cancers so progressive
I, Marie Noëlle Hélène Levasseur Charron is no captive
In remission I am forgiving as I remain somewhat active

The Hoy Wow Poets in Maple Ridge of which I am the Founder
Orchestrating it for several years has been quite an adventure
Poets some self published some not paint a fine delightful picture
Of neatly performing recital at Poetry Clubs with lots of vigour

A visit to Poetry Bashes at Performance Works on Granville Market
Gave me a will to free poets bringing forth their ingenious wit
Whether in outstanding prose & rhyme poetry so devoutly fit
For odd audiences showing the Lower Mainland’s Grand Spirit

Once a Teacher, Secretary and Trade and Consumer Show Manager
Enabled me to go through what was destroyed only to encounter
New skills, talents and treasures encompassing that of a “Rhymester”
Seeing and saying the sky’s never the limit for one who is a “Star Gazer”

Things will surely pass as a Tragedy is proven to be only momentary
In a coma for three weeks one becomes they say quite contrary
Out of balance our equilibrium remains deranged or fragmentary
It’s not our fault as everything we say is purposely involuntary

2017 is forthcoming and it is my time to have a Benevolent Career
Doing Poetry shows at the Act Theatre with hoopla and cheer
Inviting the Fraser Valley Folks to embark on as a Volunteer
Published or not poets joining to simply becoming a Pioneer

Holy wow Poets invite you! So on your mark. Get set and Go!
Read “Poetry for Dummies” and compose a poem so profoundo
Show us that there is nothing that you cannot undergo
Become a renown poet in our midst producing el manifesto

I, Hélène Levasseur, think that I’m onto something of glory
A miracle from a production re. “An International Documentary”
From “Mental Damage to Homage” so we can make this honorary
Realizing that we were all mean for quite a “Coup of Publicity!”

188. Enlightened after Decades © Hélène Levasseur

Almost three decades have gone like bye byes
Leaving me with years  following my demise
But without many disheartening wailing cries
I venture out with vim that thus fortifies

Was labelled severely brain injured
My intelligence somewhat hampered
Focus and concentration was tampered
Leaving traces of being brain severed

Many semesters were in my recovery
The first one was labelled “A Tragedy”
“Trauma” was the second and very weary
Lo and behold “Triumph” has come finally

Nearing this third decade I feel forbidden
The doctors said I would remain hidden
Everything I learned was ver heavy laden
What can I say when I was so crestfallen

After many years I’m only now reintegrating
Time is here to come out of any rehabilitating
And slowly enter the World when dismantling
Engrained fears obtained by simply doing nothing

At the Act Theatre I get rid of any kind of ill will
Delving into becoming public moving forth uphill
I could leave a message that shrills people’s thrill
The audience watches one with this outstanding pill

Well her Pill is “Poetry!” Her Therapy! Her Triumph!

176. Just wondering © Hélène Levasseur


Just wondering! To you is Hélène a Pest
Well maybe she’s trying to be her best
As she had to recreate a new identity
Reformulating her old personality

Her love and devotion to God
To many has perhaps seemed odd
She’s the first to admit that she’s a sinner
In need of God who is her Divine Repairer

Unafraid we must move gallantly and believe
That new ways we are meant to perceive
As Faith accompanies us as a given gift
Lo and behold in no time we stop to drift

Submerging from Our ego, pride and vanity
Comes a world of simplicity, humility and integrity
Awakening to the presence of Him sent = Yes Jesus
Realizing that he knocks and he awaits for all of us

Traumatically brain injured and Cancer Survivor
Her 175 poems written show thanks to her Saviour
Everyone knows that Hélène is/was lost and forlorn
But great news happened as she became reborn

Her style is to teach somewhat and not preach
Done through poetry and music tasty like a peach
Perhaps one day Her Slow but Sure Balancing Act
Will tell her story like it is as a matter of truthful fact

She has nothing to hide and not even what is dirt
She grows in quantum leaps seeking all like a flirt
So let us pray that we are not too condescending of her
“I do what I can” is a motto for Helene Levasseur

174. Just Pondering © Hélène Levasseur

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

There’s me and my light
Alone in thoughts and prayer
Always ready to divulge it all
Reminiscing not chagrining
Knowing that I am set free
And with God feeling full of glee

The ones of the same cloth
I believe are forthcoming one day
They must be as they are in my index
For my future and theirs too = Heaven
Teachers and Learners like me
Are given quite a remarkable destiny

Honouring others is my remedy
Listening more than sharing my stuff
As they are in need of a helping hand
I will become their trustworthy psychiatrist
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Where I pray unceasingly without talking

Voila! Mes Amis! On a Mission!

173. Prosaic and a little Poetic © Hélène Levasseur


Helene has the style or diction of prose in her compositions
When reading all her poems we see she lacks poetic beauty
She however believes prosaic language can convey her experiences
Following being a survivor of a Severe Brain Injury and  Metastatic Cancers

Some have proclaimed that her poems are like fridge magnets
Ordinary, everyday, commonplace, conventional, routine
Run of the mill, straightforward, by the numbers and like workadays
She however believes that she is interesting, imaginative and inspirational

Hélène realizes that she has been preoccupied by prosaic day to day concerns
So commonplace and has faced being  challenged becoming unromantic
It is her goal to manifest into one of the most popular Brain Injury and Cancer Poets
O.K. I guess the News about her will be the popular Brain Injury and Cancer Prosaic writer.

News of 2016: Hélène is to become an acknowledged Writer with Prosaic Poetry

168. Labelled Metastatic Cancer © Hélène Levasseur

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

I’ve been once told
My time was on hold
To become bold
So I won’t fold

Remembering Oh my
I start to cry
I don’t want to die
I start to sigh

I’m in remission
Don’t want insertion
Into chemo infusion
Understand my confusion

Not to worry
My tests will be worthy
Showing I have in my journey
Lots to accomplish everlastingly

First time in a long time
Since I’ve heard a chime
In my heart that does not rhyme
With the death do us part crime

Don’t mind me folks about it
Questioning Cancer I’m having a fit
There’s no proof yet but I’m a misfit
Thinking about this affects my spirit

You see I bled the other day
Twice this happened and what can I say
Except hello cancer you’re showing up eh
You, we all know, represent doomsday

It’s o.k. you know I’m Helene Levasseur
And won’t let this challenge damper
My joie de vivre and great manoeuvre
Of praying for dearest God to take over

Perhaps all of this is simply a false alarm
Must glide through everything with my charm
Not letting any negative thoughts swarm
Relying on our Holy Spirit who keeps me lukewarm

So here’s all of my words laid down showing upset
Enough is enough as I decide to recite a chaplet
My prayers I bring to you as a lovely floweret
Thanking you for yours towards a minaret

Many thanks indeed for reading me thus far
Never does a day go by that I yearn to be a star
According to the doctors I am a 10 year old on par
Facebook holds my journal typed on Apple my altar

I see a twinkle twinkle little star and make a wish
Help me God never to become anything sluggish
Falling apart never happened and that would be outlandish
As you know on earth I have left a lot to accomplish

The Holy Wow Poets’ Anthology 2013 was exciting
So Helene on your mark get set and go Highfaluting
Your quest to make our Club visitors’ yearning
And The Holy Wow Poets Canada never ending

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Voila!
Helene can never stop promoting a show with hoopla
It’s her trade and consumer show skills not to withdraw
Skills, talents and treasures that are not like a see-saw

If you’ve read till here you were meant to be a Poet
and you know it, come and show it and becoming fit!

The my Websites orchestrated since Hélène got Facebook:

Sending you my love and affection,
Hélène Levasseur Charron xo

157. November We Remember © Hélène Levasseur

Honouring our Veterans poem recited by Hélène at our Remembrance Day Celebration at The Holy Wow Poets' Recital at the Act Theatre.

Honouring our Veterans poem recited by Hélène at our Remembrance Day Celebration at The Holy Wow Poets’ Recital.  Photograph by Janet Kvammen from PlanetJanetCreations!

Honouring our military veterans at the Act Theatre
Is indeed a sincere moment for us to treasure
What a great means of a thankful exposure
Expressing inner thoughts to remember

This is written around Remembrance Day
The old living & deceased soldiers say
We served our country in every way
It was our duty to never go astray

Many devoted ones would start by praying
As this re-enforced them never staggering
T’was their quest to protect every sibling
Following the rules always regimenting

What an honour to have them recognized
By genuine folk so deeply wholehearted
Having this joy, peace and harmony handed
By these veteran soldiers to be highly acclaimed

Oh Canada our home and native land
Was protected by each veteran band
May we celebrate this day and understand
And bring poppy plants to the flowerstand

Many thanks indeed for saving us all
From any harm or hindrances or pitfall
Remembering you who hold the bugle call
Of hearts, minds and souls who carry all.

This is a November we will always remember!

156. Just Because © Hélène Levasseur

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial on her theme of the lie of unforgiveness and detachment of sins!