104. Another Lazy Hazy Day © Hélène Levasseur

Pondering Helene

It appears that Helene has experienced another lazy hazy day
Why has a person been given so much time to become a stray
In Canada we say “Why do you worry about her that way Hey?
She’s Canadian and her family motto is “I do what I can any way!”

I realize that Hélène is the yearning thriving poet is in disarray
Finding herself bored and boring everybody out of the way
It’s not her fault as it’s through this journal that she tries to display
Via The School of Sweethearts creating a successful passageway

Perhaps one day there will be for her a celebration – A Saint’s Day
Right now she is lost and is certainly not making a headway
For her everyday is like celebrating what everyone does on Labor Day
She asks forgiveness making wishes as she observes the milky way

Hélène has decided to plan something that will create a passion way
She will return to her special room to write, sing, dance and pray
She knows that God Almighty has something special that is under way
Soon she will have a purpose to serve mankind giving her speedway

When shall we see a manifestation of her ideas in action under display
It seems that though she talks a mile a minute she appears halfway
However she craves for recognition but enough is enough we dare say
In the hopes that she will come out of her burrow and out of doomsday

Another lazy hazy day for Hélène we call a blessing in God’s Play
Many observers have been studying and enjoying her at arm’s way
It appears that she is considered a blast as she knows how to say
No surprises about me folks as I was conceived on April Fool’s Day!