176. Just wondering © Hélène Levasseur


Just wondering! To you is Hélène a Pest
Well maybe she’s trying to be her best
As she had to recreate a new identity
Reformulating her old personality

Her love and devotion to God
To many has perhaps seemed odd
She’s the first to admit that she’s a sinner
In need of God who is her Divine Repairer

Unafraid we must move gallantly and believe
That new ways we are meant to perceive
As Faith accompanies us as a given gift
Lo and behold in no time we stop to drift

Submerging from Our ego, pride and vanity
Comes a world of simplicity, humility and integrity
Awakening to the presence of Him sent = Yes Jesus
Realizing that he knocks and he awaits for all of us

Traumatically brain injured and Cancer Survivor
Her 175 poems written show thanks to her Saviour
Everyone knows that Hélène is/was lost and forlorn
But great news happened as she became reborn

Her style is to teach somewhat and not preach
Done through poetry and music tasty like a peach
Perhaps one day Her Slow but Sure Balancing Act
Will tell her story like it is as a matter of truthful fact

She has nothing to hide and not even what is dirt
She grows in quantum leaps seeking all like a flirt
So let us pray that we are not too condescending of her
“I do what I can” is a motto for Helene Levasseur