14. Who am I says I? © Hélène Levasseur


Who am I says I to the all seeing eye?

My soul definition I want to untie

My life everlasting is what I vie

Exposing it all before I die


I know that Helene Levasseur

Can share her life as a blues singer

With a smile and lots of laughter

She moves forth becoming a bright wisher


Petite ou grosse she remains “tres spirituelle”

She invites her friend and twin Marie Noelle

To take it all upon her self and foretell

It all as Helene reaches heaven’s doorbell


Shall we respect and praise her?

Label her a star gazer or a scandal monger?

In our Golden Era is she iron, brass or silver?

Will God’s School of Sweethearts linger?


Marie Noelle Helene Levasseur Charron

Has taken herself out of anything Babylon

Perhaps she will be regarded with a soupcon

Prepare yourselves as Helene is called upon!