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186. Believe © Hélène Levasseur

Believe in Jesus’ Birth!

Believe in Christ Jesus
Who came to deliver us
And showing us the way
Knowing this makes our day
Let’s show our appreciation
Offering our earnest devotion
Praying daily for who is our Deliverer
Being born on the 25th of December
Our decorations are galore and pretty
Everywhere we look we see Divinity
His creation is so majestic and glorified
We know we are meant to be sanctified
Happy Birthday Lord Jesus
Thank you for saving us
Let’s celebrate your birthday
Like never before in every way

184. My Teddy Bear Family © Hélène Levasseur

My big Teddy is a gift from my sister Marcelle
Look Mars he’s now got a family so swell
Touched, moved and inspired was I
When I  received it at the Hospital in 1995

Every Christmas His Family embellishes my home
The Family Room becomes with them so wholesome
You see your kindness of heart, soul and mind Mars
Lives with me at Jesus’ Birth and makes me feel ?

Oh dear what rhymes with Mars?
Working on this poem still.
Love you Marcelle ma belle!

183. Faith vs. Fear © Hélène Levasseur

So far – Twice this year
Has come emergency tests
To foresee cancer
Or put it off for now
As it could still be benign
A Metastatic Cancer
Can be quite alarming
As it is foreign
Being a traveller where
Unknown is its site
Twice it has struck
Colon in 2005 and
Ovarian in 2008
So far so good
I’m still in remission
Let’s pray that tomorrow
My Doctor has good news
That it was just a false alarm
And I can rest again for a while
As usual tests are quarterly now
Thanks for your prayers
And well wishes folks
They mean the world to me!


180. Skiing at Christmas © Hélène Levasseur


Every skier is full of tremendous glee
The mountains are snow covered
The aid sportsmen are exhilarated
Preparing for their shopping spree

It’s Christmas and they have a list
New skiing equipment is mandatory
Must keep up with the Jones’ Theory
Thanks mom for being such a loyalist

Whistler and Blackcomb are perfect
What a wonderful season for an episode
Of endearing friends scheduled for a social setup
Amongst devoted skiers on sites made for the elect

It’s good to know this sport is not just for the rich
Thank God that cross country skiing exists for us
People sharing their snowy land for realists
Great health and wealth to us does enrich

175. When Love Sometimes © Hélène Levasseur

Robert & Helene

Sometimes love is not emotionally received
Perhaps love is not given nor is it expected
When love is seen somewhat otherwise
When love becomes an exterior visible gift
Through sharing and working wholeheartedly
Then you encounter intuitively a master – God
Of kindness, nurturing in a new manner
And thank Him for such His great manoeuvre
And pray incessantly to respond so lovingly!

169. Time for Contrition © Hélène Levasseur

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

Time for me to go into sorrow over sin
A true purpose of my amendment
That’s what happens when you begin
To review your life no longer transparent

It’s a realization of our past being reminiscent
Of all our values and any that are undervalued
We start when our health shows maladjustment
Reviewing our past, present and future subdued

Lo and behold a check list we make right away
Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which and How
We right away reflect if our time was up let’s say
Certainly changes all our thoughts somehow

Losing weight falls off from our check list
It’s replaced with who can I call to say “I Love You”
You want to thank everyone and hope you haven’t missed
Anyone dear to your heart through and through

So the moral of this story is it’s not too late
To make amends over anything that we regret
It’s like a game and we hope to say in the end “checkmate”
We’ve had all our life to get it right without offset

So on your mark. Get set. Go Friends. Go.
With chin up. Shoulders back. Standing straight
Moving forth living it up to the fullest to and fro
Thanking God for this time before the Golden Gate

Though I fretted yesterday over the state of my health
Today I was told I’m still in remission and that relieved me
Now I’m going to be working on my spiritual wealth
What a beautiful chance to become righteous and free

So here I go again writing and composing to no end
It’s just a journal and thanking you for reading it
Many thanks indeed for your prayers and being a friend
You have no idea how it pleases Our Holy Spirit

Emmanuel = God with us = is who I spend time with
He tells me everything of Jesus Christ in Heaven
I now know who I will be serving forever forthwith
Having become a member of God’s rose garden

I’ve been told that I am on hold but rest and behold
That God recognizes his followers by their rose scent
Knowing that the earth is our School of Learning is gold
For those that He is calling to be His heaven’s adornment

Well everyone we are called to be God’s Heavenly Population
It’s a Slow but Sure Balancing Act and we can get it right
Are we going to be elementary, secondary or Universal in Orion
The Celestial Equator where we perhaps are heading for His Light

Well don’t mind me folks I’m just getting carried away
With lots of words from the dictionary and rhyming books
So I bid you fairwell tonight dearest friends and do not stray
From God’s calling to His chosen ones and know we are not spooks

151. An Introductory Message of Hélène © Marie Noëlle Hélène Levasseur

Time to ponder on Life Everlasting metamorphosing after exposing self to the world!

Time to ponder on Life Everlasting metamorphosing after exposing herself to the entire global world!

It appears that she lives in a lie
Told that the cancer is terminal
Knowing if it is true she starts to cry
Can her entire life ever be normal

Not to worry folks she says we all die
Believing how it could happen is worrisome
Her death is not what she chooses to vie
Living to the fullest must not be bothersome

She chooses to do something about this
It’s time to live it up to the fullest
She’s started planning a life of bliss
Doing an el grandeur bucket list

Having made up her sincere mind
To move forth with vim and vigour
Looking after her health not blind
But alert like the old Hélène Levasseur

So on your mark. Get set. Go woman go.
Man we miss that cheerio pip pip gal
It’s time to re-integrate into this world’s show
She will know she’s alive and a friendly pal

Theatrical, musical, philosophical and trendy
She submerges from a burrow and finally can re-discover
Her hidden skills, talents and treasures so glossy
Come on Hélène we know you carry the traits of a Levasseur

Having been absent for twenty seven years to date
Recovering from a major head injury and two cancers
The World knows that this was never meant to be her state
Thank God she believes in His Word being prophetic sciptures

So ladies and gentlmen clear the road Hélène’s on a mission
Perhaps once placed on a journey of self-discovery with misery
Living in this lie was difficult and some not part of her devotion
Forgive her for taking such a long travail in her recovery

So let’s begin today seeing this lie broken into a zillion pieces
Replaced with spiritual inspiration in her daily servanthood
As she moves forth bringing lots of teachings which ceases
Any lengths of long suffering as she welcomes all that is good

Never before in the history of having a Severe Brain Injury
And two bouts of severe Cancer now labelled Metastatic
Have we seen the growth and emancipation of one so trustworthy
Never giving up with the world’s challenges so catastrophic

I talk about Hélène like she’s my sister as I am Marie Noëlle
Her best friend always trying to bring to the world her new identity
It’s been difficult as she enters the twenty seventh year of recovery well
Writing with a Third Eye brings me in the presence of one so crafty

So today I introduce and ask you to applaud Hélène Levasseur
The featured poet that tries to entertain her audience reciting
No one is like her exact as she is the one and absolute Survivor
Still Poetry writing, singing and composing being entertaining.

So ladies and gentemen let’s give her a round of applause
for the one and only brilliant and everlasting Hélène Levasseur!
There’s no conceit in her family folks as she carries it all. Voila!